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audit-fs Audit file/directory properties and content

dank-fileemitter Walk a directory (optionally recursively) and emit events for each object encountered

dirStat The result of fs.stat on all files in a directory

fs-compare Compare file stats of two files.

git-contributors A nodejs module providing contribution stats for your git repository

gulp-changed Only pass through changed files

gulp-changed-old Only pass through changed files

gulp-chmod Change permissions of Vinyl files

gulp-chown Change ownership of Vinyl files

node-stat the statistics tool like dstat which outputs JSON. This module works only on Linux >= 2.6

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

pathname OOP wrapper for `fs`, `path` and `Stat` functions

posix-ext A drop-in replacement for the Node.js modules process, fs and posix providing their POSIX functionality on both POSIX and Windows platforms.

sizer Filter files by size recursively

stat-mode Offers convenient getters and setters for the stat `mode`

statdir collect stats for all files in a directory

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