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application-dashboard Collect custom application stats and broadcast them via to html dashboard.

ascii-chart Ascii bar chart

ascii-histogram Ascii histograms

clone-stats Safely clone node's fs.Stats instances without losing their class methods

cluster-live Realtime administration and statistics for cluster

cluster-responsetimes Plugin for cluster to show response time stats

connect-os-stats Simply putting the status from node os into json and returning them to request.

css-metrics Provide useful metrics around CSS

descriptive-statistics Descriptive statistics for server-side JavaScript

diagnostics event loop diagnostics

express-route-stats keep stats on route usage in express.js

fixed-array A small utility for storing and working with a fixed-length history of (ususally numeric) values.

fps-component fps counter

free-gaussian A JavaScript model of a Gaussian distribution

geostats A tiny and standalone javascript library for classification and basic statistics

git-contributors A nodejs module providing contribution stats for your git repository

grunt-file-info Automate template-driven updates of project file stats to project documentation.

gzipped Command line utility to calculate gzip compression savings

hapi-statsd A hapi plugin for sending request round trip metrics to statsd

hoard node.js lib for storing time series data on disk, similar to RRD.

influxdb Node driver for influxdb

insight Understand how your tool is being used by anonymously reporting usage metrics to Google Analytics

instrumental An agent for Supports the full collector protocol.

jsonstat JavaScript library to deal with JSON-stat responses.

koa-statsd Koa statsd middleware

kontagent Unofficial Kontagent Node.js SDK

ldrly Used to integrate LDRLY API into applications

leek GA tracking

lump count records in n contiguous buckets of equal size

lynx Minimalistic StatsD client for Node.js programs

map-reporting Generate SVG images with interactive areas to display geographic data

memcached-stats Get local memcached stats via command line

metrics-broker A metrics broker and simple instrumentation library

mixpanel A simple API for mixpanel

mixpanel-client A simple client for mixpanel's tracking & export API. Also supports exporting via streams.

mt-stats A little library to access your MediaTemple server's stats.

nginx-stubstatus node parser for the nginx stub status response (

node-dash a nodejs and sockets-powered server monitoring dashboard

node-kontagent Unofficial Kontagent Node.js SDK

node-ziggurat An implementation of the Ziggurat algorithm for generating Normally-distributed numbers.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

npm-pkg-top Lists the top packages by npm stars, github stars, and depended upon

npm-stats Convenience module for getting back data from an NPM registry

os-utils an operating-system utility library

pdom Access the Pingdom API through a command.

pid-io-stats-stream get a stream of io stats for a running proces. linux

piwik Access a Piwik API from node.js

plask-stats A port of Mr.doob's awesome Stats.js to Plask!

pmf Pmf port of Thinking Stats

proud Collects NPM download stats for a developer

proud-connect Connect server generating NPM downloads badges by author

ravenwall Node.js library to integrate with the Ravenwall monitoring service.

redis-histogram histogram binning in redis

rmath.js An native port of the standalone Rmath library

rx-data Data processing and correlation. Async with RX.

rx-stats A set of stat functions that will run off of csv files.

server-state Track server connections and status.

shrub Manipulate lists of files recursively in Node. Chainable API with a promise ending.

sidekick Realtime site tools

smr Streaming implementation of multiple regression.

standard-deviation Array standard deviation utility

stat-collector Request and response stat collection middleware for Express.js and Circonus monitoring

statmap Output recursive directory stats as JSON for visualization and analysis.

stats JavaScript statistics (LOC, SLOC, etc)

stats-api A module for collecting internal application/library performance statistics

stats-lite A light statistical package that operates on numeric Arrays.

stats-logger A lightweight application stats tracker and logger

stats-page Create a /stats page http-server for a server application

statsd-parser Streaming parser for the statsd protocol

statsjs Provides functions for many of the statistical operations that you might need

statware Status aggregation suite with middle-ware like abilities. Used by the Ravenwall agent.

taskserver running tasks and get cached results

tempo Rotating Counters for Nodejs

tf2logparser A log parser for the game Team Fortress 2. It retrieves stats and game events and outputs the data to JSON format.

timestream-aggregates Aggregation operations for timeseries streams (objectMode streams ordered by timestamp)

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-sample turf sample module

usersonline List the most recent 100 users visiting your site: Date, Time, IP Address, User Agent, Landing Page, Referring Url.

webstat http module wrapper, allows to keep web server usage statistics

windows-cpu CPU monitoring utilities for Node.js apps on Windows.

wotcs-api-system Base system used to build WoTcs clans and players API

yagnus JavaScript stats library containing parallel distributed streaming algorithms to compute important frequently used statistics on big data. The library calculates commonly used univariate, multivariate and discrete statistics. It can be used alone in a webpage, or server-side in nodejs (or both since mss's can be merged), or within a big-data no-sql engines such as hadoop, mongodb.

yametrika Серверное отслеживание посетителей с помощью Яндекс.Метрики

yhat an API for yhat

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