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abacus Counter library with statsD support

aws-cloudwatch-statsd-backend A backend for StatsD to emit stats to Amazon's AWS CloudWatch.

black-pearl Metrics collector that push metrics to Elastic Search + Kibana.

black-pearl-client Ultra simple client to push metrics in a Elastic Search + Kibana.

connect-logger-statsd logging to statsd middleware for Connect

connect-statsd Send requests to statsd.

copperegg-statsd-backend StatsD backend for CopperEgg

cubed a super simple backend for statsd; relays statsd events to a cube instance via udp

express-statsd Statsd route monitoring middleware for connect/express

funnel Funnel metrics from various sources into StatsD

hapi-statsd A hapi plugin for sending request round trip metrics to statsd

koa-statsd Koa statsd middleware

live-stats Layer on top of statsd-node client to allow for shared business rules metrics.

lynx Minimalistic StatsD client for Node.js programs

lynx-express Express middleware for sending response status counts and response times to statsd

memsql-statsd A StatsD backend for MemSQL Ops

mongo-statsd-backend A backend for StatsD to emit stats to mongodb.

node-network-monitor Monitor Network Traffic Through StatsD

node-statsd-client Statsd client for node.js

node-statsd-instrument Provides metaprogramming methods to inject StatsD instrumentation using node-statsd

stackdriver-statsd-backend Send metric data from statsd to Stackdriver

statsd-backend A backend for StatsD to emit stats to another StatsD service

statsd-client Yet another client for Etsy's statsd

statsd-cloudwatch-backend A StatsD backend for Amazon's AWS CloudWatch.

statsd-connection-counter A small lib using node-statsd-client to count incoming connections as well as globalAgent connections and queue length by host

statsd-datadog-backend A StatsD backend that send metrics to Datadog

statsd-ducksboard-backend A StatsD backend that sends metrics to Ducksboard

statsd-errplane-backend A StatsD backend for Errplane (

statsd-hostedgraphite-backend A StatsD backend for Hosted Graphite

statsd-influxdb-backend InfluxDB backend for StatsD

statsd-instrumental-backend A StatsD backend for Instrumental

statsd-kairosdb-backend KairosDB backend for StatsD

statsd-librato-backend A StatsD backend for Librato Metrics

statsd-logger Simple statsd server for local development

statsd-monitis-backend A StatsD backend for Monitis

statsd-node statsd node client

statsd-node-agent Statsd node agent. Helper to send regular updates for gauges to a statsd server

statsd-parser Streaming parser for the statsd protocol

statsd-profiler It's a `node-statsd` library for people for whom clean code is important.

statsd-time Leverage nodetime to push samples to statsd

statsd-udpkv-backend A StatsD backend for simple udp receivers, such as Splunk.

statsy statsd client

winston-statsd generates `statsd` from winston logs — extremely tailored to nodejitsu internal needs, use accordingly

zendesk_statsd Simple node.js process that sends Zendesk view counts to StatsD periodically

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