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activity Activity Manager for any kind of statuses based on ids

apptime Uptime monitoring linked to a mailer

bamboo-status Get your Bamboo build status as image (deeply inspired by travis-ci status images...)

build-http-error (Node.js) Build an HTTP error from a status code and / or a message.

chutney-status chutney status icons library for nodejs

ci-status-images Test coverage percentage and other useful status images for continuous integration systems.

cli-status Highly configurable status indicators for your node.js cli.

connect-alive Connect (Node.js) middlware for checking if app is alive or not - optionally via custom condition(s).

connect-server-status Server status middleware

doctit document.title helper utility for single page apps

down Yes, staring at your console while github's down is definitely time well spent. Oh, and it works with other site too!

express-custom-errors Serves custom error views for Expressjs.

express-status-guard Guard callback errors by emitting a statusCode and don't bother any longer.

friendship Manage friendships between users in your app, knowing when they gets online and offline

funny-status Check NPM and GitHub status with sound.

git-multi-status Execute git status across multiple directories.

health Resource status monitoring library.

health-monitor Module for monitoring services on tcp, http.

http-codes Map of HTTP status messages to codes based on Node's built-in (inverse) map

http-status-codes Constants enumerating the HTTP status codes. Based on the Java Apache HttpStatus API.

httpcheck Simple HTTP status checker w/ timeout

httperror HTTPError extends Error. var err = new HTTPError(req,res,'my message');

httpstatus HTTP status class for NodeJS

hubot-cf Some useful Cloud Foundry scripts for hubot

hubot-pr-status Determine the status of a given pull request on GitHub.

hubot-status A simple status manager script for Hubot.

hyperrest-bin A simple HTTP service with controlled behaviour

json-status A connect-compatible middleware for status responses on JSON HTTP APIs

mod_status mod_status for Node

mod_statuspage mod_statuspage for Node

mqtt_os_status Publishes OS status to an mqtt broker

mqtt-os-status Publishes OS status to an mqtt broker

multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-hj render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-stack render multiple progress bars (and stacks) at once on the terminal

nebraska Streams the state of another stream.

node_gearman_status Node.js module to monitor Gearman server status

node_gearman_status_graphs Node.js module to monitor Gearman server status with graphs

node-status A live status bar generator for node.js

observatory Beautiful UI for showing tasks running on the command line.

paramedic A simple health monitor server for running health checks periodically.

pingme Super simple HTTP server that can be easily pinged so that Nagios et al can know your stuff's healthy.

pm2-multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal with eventlimit maxed

pnr-status The best module ever.

portscanner Asynchronous port scanner for Node.js

process_status A utility to get process information for given process name

progressbar A nice wrapper around [TJ Holowaychuck's]( [node-progress]( with chaining, domains, and steps

prompt-git-status returns git status summary for prompt

ravenwall Node.js library to integrate with the Ravenwall monitoring service.

response-codes Extends http.ServerResponse to include status code functions.

selenium-grid-status Fetch available browsers from a Selenium grid

server-state Track server connections and status.

situation Conveniently write status updates to a stream.

smtp-reply Parse and create SMTP Replies

status-api rest status api

status-bar A status bar for file transfers

status-gravatar Sets my Gravatar profile image depending on the status of my projects

statuscode Check status codes using prefixes masks easily

statusdashboard A services status dashboard

statuserror Error object with a status code

statware Status aggregation suite with middle-ware like abilities. Used by the Ravenwall agent.

sync-exec Synchronous exec with status code support. Requires no external dependencies, no need for node-gyp compilations etc.

teamcity-github-status GitHub commit status from TeamCity

termite Display messages on the screen, and update the state asynchronously.

traffic-light A status traffic light for monitoring your site

uri-monitor Monitor a URI's connectivity

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