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brout stdout and stderr for browsers

comandante spawn() that returns a duplex stream and emits errors with stderr data on non-zero exit codes

exit A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting.

faithful-exec Wraps child_process.exec, returning a promise.

hook-stdfoo Hook process stdout and stderr.

hook-stdio Hook process stdout and stderr.

intercept-stdout Hooking Node.js stdout

logbook Log all data passing through process.stdout and process.stderr

logger-json-stderr log in json-format, only to stderr, using Bunyan

mute Politely tells stdout and stderr to shut the heck up for a moment.

pad-stdio Pad stdout and stderr

prolog An event- and stream-aware logger for pros. Meaning, professionals.

stdjson Module for minimally logging JSON to stdout and stderr

stdlog A Node.js log utility that logs messages to stderr by default.

stdloggly Send any program's stdout and stderr to Loggly.

straggler aggregate text streams

stream-copy Copy writable streams to other writable streams.

test-console A simple and pragmatic library for testing Node.js console output.

winston-stderr Winston transport to log everything to stderr

yadsil Yet Another Dead-SImple Log on stderr for CLI tools.

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