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clicks Browser click streams

csgo A node-steam plugin for CS:GO.

dazzle Dazzle is a simple Dota 2 Api Wrapper for Node

dota2 A node-steam plugin for Dota 2.

dota2-radiant Radiant: a small little library/framework for building awesome apps backed by the Dota 2 WebAPI. Utilizes Node with Express

hubot-steam Steam adapter for Hubot.

neo4j-stream-deserializer Transforms neo4j responses to an easier-to-use format.

nodebb-plugin-openid-steam NodeBB OpenID Steam

passport-steam Steam (OpenID) authentication strategy for Passport.

steam-chat-bot Simplified interface for a steam chat bot with lots of built-in functionality

steam-community Easily access information about yourself and your friends on the Steam community website.

steam-web A wrapper for the Steam Web API.

steam-webapi Steam WebAPI wrapper

steamAPI Steam Web / TF2 API

steamidconvert convert 64 bit steam id to text readable format

steamshovel Code Coverage Done Right!

tf-trade-bot-stripe Trades TF2 Items using Stripe payment processor.

vdf A port of steamodd's to node.js.

zues streaming interface to the Steam Web API

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