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Array.prototype.forEachAsync The Array.prototype.forEachAsync module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

batchflow Batch process collections in parallel or sequentially.

cadence A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for highly-parallel control flows.

callback Expressive, terse, functions for aynchronous and callback functions

chainify The chainify module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

chainjs Chainjs call each async function step by step, let async function callback fairily.

conduitjs Give any method a pre/post invocation pipeline....

dispatch.js Coroutine-based execution machinery for ES6

do The simplest way to manage callbacks.

encounter Flexible reliable counting.

f-queue fqueue is a micro-plugin to queue function execution to handle asyncronous flow and stepping though functions. So you save yourself with ugly callbacks and can make your code more preety.

fnchain Serial control flow with explicit progression

go-flow Simple flow control library inspired by step and ff

grunt-pause Pause the grunt task runner between tasks and choose to continue or break

h5.step Flow control for node.js and the browser.

happenstance A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for JavaScript.

jankyqueue Knuckle-dragger in-process queuing

karma-jasmine-step-definitions step definitions for karma and jasmine

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

nextflow A simple control-flow library for Node.js targetted towards CoffeeScript developers.

node-step analyse and explore STEP (ISO 10303) file format with node

qunit-assert-step A QUnit plugin for asserting the proper sequence in which the code should execute.

response.step flow control on for root

sequence Execute async code in chronological order. The sequence module of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, and Pakmanager)

srun define atomic steps, then build scripts with them. a global context object between steps is included for you!

step-error Plugin for Creationix's flow control library (step) for global error handling

step-object More Object based creation of 'step' functions

stepc A CoffeeScript-safe version of creationix' step

stepc-helpers Random helpers that I find useful when using stepc

stepify Executing nodejs asynchronous tasks by steps chain

stride A step-like flow control library for Node.js

tiptoe Yet another node async control flow library for handling callbacks. Very similar to step.

two-step TwoStep is the spiritual successor of Step with better error handling and finer flow control

twostep Simple control-flow library for node.js that makes parallel execution, serial execution and error handling painless.

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