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auto-trade 自动交易A股

blpapi Bloomberg Open API (BLPAPI) binding for node.js

eoddata EODData client library for Node.js

financier A Node.js module that helps with calculations concerning stocks and portfolios.

google-finance Google Finance client library for Node.js

historic Fetch historic stock data from yahoo

hkstock-holdings Scrape HKExnews share holdings page and output JSON data

ib Interactive Brokers TWS (or IB Gateway) API client library for Node.js

ibapi Interactive Brokers API addon for NodeJS

intraday Fetch intraday stock data from yahoo

portfolio Portfolio library for Node.js

shubhadownloader There is large amount of information available in market place. The markets are always in sync. In today's world investors find it very difficult to make effective use of information available to them. Shubha Downloader is great tool which resolves this problem and helps investor to increase his productivity and stay focused on decision making. Shubha Downloader enable end user to download market data from available sources and organize it. Shubha Downloader is Open source & FREE utility for end users. Shubha Downloader have main features as follows End of the day market data from web to your favorite charting application . Fundamental market data from web to your favorite charting application. Market reports from web to your favorite charting application.

sina-finance sina Finance snapshot data downloader written in Node.js

stockcn Tool to get stock info you want.

stockscraper Scrape Google's stock API

tickstorage An extremely fast and efficient Node.js storage engine for raw stock market tick data.

yahoo-finance Yahoo Finance historical quotes and snapshot data downloader written in Node.js

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