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git-walk-tree walk a git tree represented by a git commit

github-commit-stream A streaming interface to pull in a list of commits from a GitHub repository

glitch Glitched stream for intentional data corruption

glob-transform filter (browserify) transforms by globs

glsl-deparser through stream that translates glsl-parser AST nodes into working glsl code

glsl-min-stream through stream that transforms glsl-parser AST nodes and rewrites variables into shorter forms

glsl-parser transform streamed glsl tokens into an ast

glsl-tokenizer r/w stream of glsl tokens

glslify-import A transform stream for glslify that adds an `import` directive to your shaders.

glslify-stream create a readable stream of glsl ast nodes that produce a module system

gnip Connect to Gnip streaming API and manage rules

goxstream A node.js readable stream for mtgox. Uses raw websocket!

gps-stream Streaming GPS data module

graceful-fs-stream Graceful filesystem streams.

graph-stream pipe a stream of data into a browser graph

grep-reduce Grep for reducible sequences

grunt-transfo Transfo offer both 'copy' and 'concat' task at once with the addition of streamed transformation of content and optional caching based on files mtime to limit unrequired file processing. Transfo should be used as an alternative to any grunt-contrib-copy and/or grunt-contrib-concat usage without any change in your grunt configuration (see compatibility test)

gulp-chmod Change permissions of Vinyl files

gulp-chown Change ownership of Vinyl files

gulp-hammerdown Gulp plugin for using hammerdown(A markdown to html generator)

gulp-intercept Intercept Gulp streams and take full control of the content.

gulp-jade Compile Jade templates

gulp-streamify Wrap old plugins to support streams.

gulp-streamify-old Wrap old plugins to support streams.

gulp-tar Create tarball from files

gulp-yui-meta Extract YUI Loader meta from YUI modules

gutter streaming JSON.stringify() for nested streams

gzip-stack A `StreamStack` implementation for encoding and decoding `Gzip` content.

halfstreamxml converts a stream of XML to a stream of objects

hammerdown Streaming HTML To Markdown Writer

hashstream Hash a readabale stream

headed-stream A stream with a header! Yay!

heartrate A Bluethooth Low Energy heart rate stream.

hiccup a sporadically choking stream; burp this baby!

hidstream Streaming HID events in Node.js

highland-array (Node.js) Extend the native Array with the methods that work with Highland (a JS stream lib).

histo histo stream bindings for node.js

histo-server TCP server for streaming data to a histogram

hook-stdfoo Hook process stdout and stderr.

hook-stdio Hook process stdout and stderr.

hprotocol Streaming human readable command protocol

html-ls html ls

html-to Streaming HTML to * converter

htmle Streaming html transformer

http-duplex turn (req,res) pairs into a single duplex stream

http-intercept Enhancement for Node's HTTP IncomingMessage & ServerResponse to let the data going from/to those streams to be intercepted - and modified... :)

http-reduce Reducible HTTP library

http-stack A `StreamStack` implementation of the HTTP protocol.

http-streamer HTTP as a stream.

http-util Miscelaneous HTTP/S utilities

httppp Deal with only the bits of HTTP you care about. Let the streams flow.

httpstreambuffer Module that buffers incoming HTTP requests' data, allowing parallel treatments

humbug debug inline state with a streaming repl

hyperlevel A Hyper-LevelDB wrapper (level-hyper with a cooler name)

hyperloglog HyperLogLog Distinct Value Estimator

hyperquest make streaming http requests

hyperstream stream html into html at a css selector

hyperwatch Streams server side log messages to the browser and renders them inside your page.

ice-stream An expressive streaming utility for node, inspired by Lo-Dash, Async, and event-stream. Ice-stream goal is to allow for complex processing of streaming data.

icecast NodeJS module for parsing and/or injecting metadata with SHOUTcast/Icecast radio streams

image-plucker Plucks out images from a stream.

image-resize-stream A streaming interface for resizing image buffers in node

imagemagick-stream Streaming Imagemagick api

imagemagick-stream2 Streaming Imagemagick api

infinity Infinite sequences for Node.js. Supports typical array functions and more, all evaluated lazily.

inflate pure javascript inflate implemented as a through stream

inflate-until take buffer chunks until the inflated result is === size

inkscape The inkscape utility as a readable/writable stream

inspect-stream Inspects a nodejs stream 2+ and logs the data that's coming through.

inspectpoint Transforms objects intro pipeable buffers using util.inspect

interval-stream Emit data by time intervals

ip-stream IP header serialization object stream.

ipc-stream A stream wrapper around IPC channels from forked instances

irc-message-stream A tiny Strram interface around irc-message.

irc-protocol Streaming parser and serialiser for IRC protocol data

irc-stream A duplex streaming IRC bot built on top of `irc`

ircee A tiny modular IRC library with a stream / event-emitter based API

isstream Determine if an object is a Stream

itunes-library-stream Streaming parser for the contents of iTunes Library XML files

jipe Filter, extract from and pretty print a stream of JSON objects.

jlick Streaming configurably terminated (simple) JSON parser

join-stream intersperse stream chunks with separators

joiner-stream node.js stream that joins multiple pipe inputs into a single unified stream

jolt Stream-based API server for Node.js

jonas Monad and Reactive Programming for JavaScript, leveraging Q promises

jpegtran The jpegtran utility as a readable/writable stream

js-cast Voice Streaming from client Browser using nodejs

js-cast-example Voice Streaming from client Browser using icecast server

jschannels A minimal JavaScript Channels library, inspired by Clojure's core.async library

json-body Concat stream and parse JSON

json-expected-stream Filter stream that enforces only selected JSON object string elements exist and that they exist in order

json-line-protocol Stream protocol handler for CRLF-delimited JSON values

json-list-response json-list-response

json-list-stream json-list-stream

json-mask-stream Filter stream that keeps selected JSON object strings that retains selected object structures

json-parse-stream streaming json parser

json-parser-stream JSON.parse transform stream

json-stream2 JSON.parse and JSON.stringify wrapped in a node.js stream

json-stringify-stream streaming json stringifier

json-tokenizer A streaming JSON tokenizer

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