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reportback Somewhere between a stream, a switchback, a logger, and an EventEmitter.

request-jsonstream Simple module to wrap a request and send or receive JSON as newline delimited object via request

rtc-janus Node and browserify compatible integration layer for the Janus WebRTC gateway

s3-write-stream Pipe data straight to an S3 key of your choice

sandwich Iterator generator for getting ordered combinations of items

scotty A thin wrapper for real media streaming over HTTP in node.js

sexp-stream Streaming s-expression parser

shoutcast Shoutcast Streaming Server

skateboard stupid simple websocket stream + static server

skipper Bodyparser for Express/Sails. Exposes simple API for streaming multiple files to disk, S3, etc. without buffering to a .tmp directory.

slexer A simple streamable lexer. It transforms text into token objects.

songlocator-api SongLocator resolvers exposed as WebSocket API

songlocator-base SongLocator base module

songlocator-cli SongLocator command line utilities

songlocator-deezer SongLocator resovler for Deezer

songlocator-exfm SongLocator resovler for exfm

songlocator-rdio SongLocator resovler for rdio

songlocator-soundcloud SongLocator resovler for SoundCloud

songlocator-spotify SongLocator resovler for Spotify

songlocator-youtube SongLocator resovler for YouTube

soundify stream tracks to devices from multiple sources

splate The simplest possible streaming JavaScript template engine that could possibly work.

stanza messaging server to transmit streaming JSON/XMP stanzas

statsd-parser Streaming parser for the statsd protocol

statuses-stream Simple twitter user stream client. Only one dependency (oauth). forked from

stl2json Convert binary|ascii stl data into json on the command line

stream-ssh stream-ssh ==========

stream-transformer A simple tool to transform streams via registered global or keyed handlers

streamdispatch a orderly streaming dispatcher

streaming Transforms and other streaming helpers

streamist Enables functional, promised-based interactions with Readable streams.

streamlined Collection of helper streams to deal with mapping/transforming object streams

streamqueue Pipe queued streams progressively, keeping datas order.

streamsql Streaming SQL ORM

streamworks Run a nested collection of streams in pipe or merge configurations

tabby create tabbed web apps with progressive enhancement

tabexplode A streaming CLI for opening all URLs piped to it in a browser

tailing-stream Read a growing file continuously as a Stream.

tar-stream tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.

TDTwitterStream Event emitter for Twitter Sitestreams

tenacious-http a streaming http connection which will attempt to reconnect whenever the stream lost

thenstream Construct a Readable stream from a thenable. Useful if you don't have the actual stream yet.

through-cache a through stream that caches

through-parse parse json in a through stream, extracted from event stream. instead of console.error, emits.

total.js web framework (MVC) for node.js

transcoding Media transcoding and streaming support

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

tuner play a roster of internet radio stations

twat Simple Twitter Streaming for Node.js

tweakable Streamable UI elements for adjusting metrics when debugging interactives/visualisations/etc.

tweet-bliss Twitter API 1.1 simplified client for streaming and tweeting

tweet-pipe parse twitter's streaming api with nodejs streams

tweetdig-ntwitter Asynchronous Twitter REST/stream/search client API for node.js.

tweets A library for accessing the public twitter streaming api

twit Twitter API client for node (REST & Streaming)

twit-stream A read stream for streaming Twitter data

twitchtv A Node.js library for's REST API

twitter Twitter API client library for node.js

twitter-1.1 Twitter API client library for node.js

twitter-api Twitter API 1.1 client supporting REST and streaming

twitter-ng Asynchronous Twitter REST/stream/search client API for node.js.

twitter-processor Twitter streaming processor

twitter-public-stream Simple twitter public stream client

twitter-starling Twitter REST & Streaming client for use with node.js

twitter-stream-oauth Simple twitter stream client. Only one dependency (oauth). Based on twitter-stream.

twobserver Pay attention to the real-time twitter

txs transform stream

unique-stream node.js through stream that emits a unique stream of objects based on criteria

unravel Streaming recursive directory reading

user-stream Simple twitter user stream client. Only one dependency (oauth).

vid-streamer VidStreamer.js: A simple streamer for Flash and other videos. Supports HTTP pseudostreaming and works with JW Player's bitrate switching.

vinyl-transform Use standard text transform streams to write fewer gulp plugins

woosh parse and transform streaming html using css selectors in a composable way

xml-nodes Streaming XML node splitter

xxhash An xxhash binding for node.js

yagnus JavaScript stats library containing parallel distributed streaming algorithms to compute important frequently used statistics on big data. The library calculates commonly used univariate, multivariate and discrete statistics. It can be used alone in a webpage, or server-side in nodejs (or both since mss's can be merged), or within a big-data no-sql engines such as hadoop, mongodb.

youtube-audio-stream youtube-audio-stream

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