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and-stream Filter multiple-streams of incoming objects, and only return objects that are present in all streams.

async-queue-stream Stream using async.queue under the hood.

aws-sqs-stream AWS SQS library written using node.js streams

baconjs A small functional reactive programming lib for JavaScript.

beam Streams and Pipes revised for analytics

bellhop Pubsub and RPC streams for node.js

bezier-stream Ultra simple streaming line graph

bight inject and compose through streams into a pipeline

bufferstream painless stream buffering and cutting

buffoon buffer streams into strings, buffers, json or queries

categorizing-stream Writable stream that categorizes incoming data

channel CSP style channel implementation, for the Channel specification

channeljs CSP style channel implementation, for the Channel specification

char-split splits an stream on a character (e.g. \n) and emits the strings in between

charybdis drain an object stream and wrap it in a promise

chopped-stream Convert any stream into one that gives you data in user-defined sized chunks

chunker Chunk/split your stream without eating the splitter char.

collect collect a bunch of streams and wait til they've finished

colored colorizes streams/files

conveyor Feed multiple node.js streams sequentially into one stream

corkable corkable ========

crops Server for dynamically resizing images on the fly

defunct-aggregates Aggregate operations for object-mode streams

demux Combine a bunch of streams into one

dev-null /dev/null for node streams

directory-stream A stream based directory scanner

domnode-dom DOMNode streams for HTMLElements

dropper Dropper, is a filter stream that produces fixed size data packets, from every other stream.

end-of-stream Call a callback when a readable/writable/duplex stream has completed or failed.

env-parser Streaming environment variable parser

equal-streams Check if streams are eqal

exuent call a callback when all passed streams have ended or any stream has errored

file-on-write a stream implementation that creates a file on every write

freeloader Stream-based HTTP load testing framework

freeloader-bundle Collecion of streams for freeloader

from Easy way to make a Readable Stream

fun-stream functional streams decorator

funcstream Functional programming transform stream.

future-stream Delay the emission of stream events until a future condition is true

graceful-fs-stream Graceful filesystem streams.

grunt-throttle A Grunt plugin for testing under a throttled connection.

gulp-tar Create tarball from files

hashstream Hash a readabale stream

heartrate A Bluethooth Low Energy heart rate stream.

htmlparser2 Fast & forgiving HTML/XML/RSS parser

http-time A streaming time log library to capture/log the time of an http request.

ice-stream An expressive streaming utility for node, inspired by Lo-Dash, Async, and event-stream. Ice-stream goal is to allow for complex processing of streaming data.

iced-spawn Platform-independent spawning that works on Window and supports stream

iostreams Open input and output streams given providers and small config

iostreams-file File stream provider for iostreams

iostreams-http HTTP stream provider for iostreams

iostreams-https HTTPS stream provider for iostreams

iostreams-s3 File stream provider for iostreams

ircc IRC connection library.

isstream Determine if an object is a Stream

joiner-stream node.js stream that joins multiple pipe inputs into a single unified stream

jsock Easy JSON over sockets or streams.

kld-bit-streams Read and write bit streams

ko-stream Adapt a knockout.js observable to the node.js stream interface.

lanterman log for express

lazypipe Use to create an immutable, lazily initialized pipeline from a series of streams.

lazystream Open Node Streams on demand.

level-bufferstreams Pure buffer (multibuffer) streams for leveldb. Faster/less memory overhead than the default streams, useful for bulk operations.

line-emitter Library for buffering chunks of data and emitting lines

livelystream Stream changes to and from a lively database as a node.js stream.

localstream access localstorage with the node stream API

log-stream A pure streaming take on logging

massagist streaming data formats

mdm-tunnel Access network services behind a NAT

memory-stream Node.js streams implementation for buffered memory writes

memorystream This is lightweight memory stream module for node.js.

memorystream-mcavage This is lightweight memory stream module for node.js.

merge-object-streams Merge line by line streams operating in object mode.

most Monadic streams

motion A node.js motion detection library that supports node.js streams

mows Use MQTT from the Browser, based on MQTT.js and websocket-stream

multistream-merge Merge multiple streams into one (using through2 and hence Streams2)

mux Multiplex streams

mysql-stream-db Streaming MySQL ORM

nebraska Streams the state of another stream.

node-to-prescription A wrapper for converting async node functions to prescription FRP observables

nody Toolkit for streaming architecture

object-transform-stream A collection a streams for working with objects and transforming them.

observestream Duplex node.js stream to replicate live changes to and from Javascript objects.

pipeline-stream streams for a data pipeline

ponyfoodjs A small functional reactive programming lib for JavaScript.

postie Abstracts postmessage into streams and or event emitters.

prescription A functional reactive programming framework

prescription-dns A DNS wrapper for Prescription the FRP framework

prescription-events ERROR: No file found!

prescription-http-server A http wrapper for Prescription the FRP library

prescription-net A net wrapper for Prescription the FRP library

prescription-stream Prescription Stream =================== This is a utility library for converting node.js style streams to Prescription FRP `Observable`'s

progressify-emitter Makes EventEmitters emit progress events towards some goal

pstream parallel streams

pull-sse Server-sent events magic for pull-streams

pump pipe streams together and close all of them if one of them closes Version 0.2.4

queue-stream This module provides a simple stream interface to an AMQP message queue.

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