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queue-stream This module provides a simple stream interface to an AMQP message queue.

queuestream Queue streams for sequential streaming.

radio_static When one stream need to talk to many

rafting A way to group multiple writable streams together to pipe or write to simultaneously

read-write-message Read/write a length prefixed JSON message to a stream and send regular binary data afterwards. Useful for sending stream headers etc.

readdirp Recursive version of fs.readdir with streaming api.

redis-scanstreams A streaming interface to the Redis SCAN (SCAN, SSCAN, HSCAN, ZSCAN) commands in Redis 2.8.x+

replacestream A node.js through stream that does basic streaming text search and replace and is chunk boundary friendly

revere Simple nodejs library for connecting SocketIO events to writeable streams in a structured manner.

s-pipe Functional streams, with a lisp-inspired chaining syntax

scotty A thin wrapper for real media streaming over HTTP in node.js

scuttlebutt-stream An easier way to work with Scuttlebutt streams

show-stream-progress Shows progress of any async operation that streams results.

sitemap-xml Create a sitemap.xml file by streaming URLs

smokesignal Build your own small (or larger) peer to peer network.

sosj Sorted Object Stream Join -- Joins two sorted objectMode streams based on a provided join key.

sslice String.prototype.slice for streams

statsd-parser Streaming parser for the statsd protocol

stream-bench Node streams benchmarking (throughput, etc)

stream-body-parser Process multipart/form-data on the fly as streams.

stream-cutter Stream cutter/slicer for Node.JS v0.10 streams

stream-db A database based around streams (Using Scuttlebutt)

stream-debug Debug streams.

stream-file-archive Pipe Streams to time-rotated log files

stream-master A stream that controls child streams

stream-meter A stream meter that both counts the bytes piped through it, and can optionally abort on a max size. (e.g. limit a http request size)

stream-mux-demux Multiplex-demultiplex object streams over object stream

stream-pipeline Efficient way of connecting disparate streams

stream-playground Explore Node.js streams with an interactive playground.

stream-recreate Recreate stream on 'error' and/or 'end'

stream-rpc RPC over arbitrary streams for Node.js and a browser

stream-spec executable specification for Stream (to make testing streams easy)

stream-spectrum A variety of streams to be used in samples and/or tests.

stream-splice Splice multiple streams into a single pipeline. Useful for exposing multi-step piped streams as a single stream.

stream-ssh stream-ssh ==========

stream-stream A stream of streams in order to concatenates the contents of several streams

stream-throttle A rate limiter for Node.js streams.

stream-tk Toolkit for handling Node.js data streams

stream-utils Stream utilities with support for stream resets.

stream-vis Visualize your streams with Browserify!

stream-viz Visualizes a stream in the browser.

streaming Transforms and other streaming helpers

streamist Enables functional, promised-based interactions with Readable streams.

streamlet Simple data and event streams.

streamlined Collection of helper streams to deal with mapping/transforming object streams

streamprocessor An inline Stream that can process data coming through before piping to another Stream

streamsql Streaming SQL ORM

streamstache Mustache + Streams for node and browsers.

streamstepper pipe multiple streams sequentially into one

stringray Module that transforms a JS Array into a single String of newline-separated elements.

stroem-kid Pipe multiple resources in a spawned child

superstream The Voltron of node style streams

tagstream streamOfXmlText.pipe(tagstream()).pipe(streamOfXmlEvents)

take-stream A transform stream that passes through the first n elements and discards the rest

tap-stream Taps a nodejs stream and logs the data that's coming through.

tar-stream tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.

terminus An abstraction for making stream.Writable streams without all the boilerplate.

thenstream Construct a Readable stream from a thenable. Useful if you don't have the actual stream yet.

throttled-stream Stream implementation that throttles its output to a maximum number of bytes per second.

through simplified stream contsruction

through-cache a through stream that caches

through-parse parse json in a through stream, extracted from event stream. instead of console.error, emits.

through2-filter A through2 to create an Array.prototype.filter analog for streams.

through2-map A through2 to create an analog for streams.

through2-reduce A through2 wrapper to emulate Array.prototype.reduce for streams.

through2-spy A through2 wrapper to for simple stream.PassThrough spies.

topic-stream The topic-stream is a simple stream which enables writing messages over either AMQP or MQTT to a topic.

transform-expected Conditionally apply a stream transform or pass-through any objects that do not meet our expectations.

twinkle Decode all device's message using its specification

twit-stream A read stream for streaming Twitter data

txs transform stream

unique-stream node.js through stream that emits a unique stream of objects based on criteria

valvestream control data flow of a stream at a single point

web-stream transform stream for http with optional retry

websocket-stream websockets with the node stream api. works in browser and node

wideor A module that uses avconv and convert to create a slideshow video from images with the help of `stroem-kid`

writable-stream-parallel Parallelize your _write()s and _transform()s

ws-chan WebSocket Channel — websocket interaction modeled as a pair of streams for incoming and outgoing messages correspondingly

wsstream Stream over websockets

xml-nodes Streaming XML node splitter

yamux Yet another stream multiplexer

zookeeper-queue FIFO queue using ZooKeeper, implemented with node.js streams

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