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date-fu Utilities for working with JavaScript Dates. Plays nicely with TimezoneJS.

datetimejs Library for manipulating, formatting, and parsing dates and times

formatdate a little bit more than just strftime

mizuki.jsx Set of common utilities for JSX

moment-datetime Strftime and strptime for moment.js

moment-strftime moment-strftime adds strftime to Moment.js

moment-tokens Unix/php format tokens for moment.js

pat Formats data described by format strings

prettydate Format dates nicely

strftime-component strftime JavaScript component

timestamp-grabber Convert a very wide variety of human readable date/time formats to unix timestamp in millis. Supports all major timezones thanks to timezonejs

timezone Small, elegant, Olson educated, timezone aware date math and `strftime` date formatting in pure JavaScript with no dependendcies for Node.js and the browser. Timezone uses the Olson/IANA timezone database. Timezone is aware of every clock transition in th

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