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assert-diff Drop-in replacement for assert to give diff on deepEqual.

cataloger Markdown documentation generator. Provides API en command line tool. Requires strict input and follows JSDoc standards.

coju Event based server wrapper that adds a middleware stack. Uses available harmony features.

contractor Stricter messages facility for Javascript

data-checker Checks JSON data for required fields and data types. For REST and other data services testing.

huskies-strict strict method , is huskies middleware.

node-es5 A shim to always run node in es5 proper "strict mode"

node-strict Make your Node programs strict about stuff

property-modeler A module for enforcing strict rules on object properties

strict Strict lib for dev or test.

strict-method strict method

strict-mode enables strict mode in your package

tap-harmony A Test-Anything-Protocol library (supporting harmony features)

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