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deadlift Browser-based wizard for installing Strider from Github to Heroku

dias Detect PaaS details of your application instance

gitane Easy Node.JS Git wrapper with support for SSH keys

go-strider test go with strider

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

strider-bitbucket A bitbucket provider for strider

strider-browserstack Strider support for

strider-build-badge Enables strider to have build status badges

strider-custom Support for custom prepare, test and deploy phases in Strider

strider-detection-rules Makes it easier to write plugins with Gumshoe detection rules

strider-email-notifier Enables strider to email notifications based on certain events

strider-env Configure custom environment variables for your Strider projects

strider-git Strider provider for git repositories

strider-github A basic git provider for strider

strider-heroku Heroku deployment for Strider

strider-hipchat A Strider CD Plugin to notify Hipchat of project build status

strider-local Provides local repositories

strider-mailer Mailer class for Strider

strider-node Run Nodejs tests in Strider

strider-python Python/Pyramid/Django support for Strider Continuous Deployment

strider-ruby Ruby support for Strider Continuous Deployment

strider-runner-core Just run those jobs. Decoupled from load balancing, joq queues, etc.

strider-sauce Sauce Labs / Selenium support for Strider

strider-simple-runner Simple in-process worker implementation for Strider

strider-simple-worker Simple in-process worker implementation for Strider

strider-webhooks Enables strider to fire webhooks based on certain events

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