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101 common utils that can be required selectively

a2z A little library for creating string ranges.

all-match Check if a querystring's words each match at least one field.

alter alters a string by replacing multiple range fragments in one fast pass

annostring Annotated string utilities for JavaScript

anore Models. Or at least part of them.

ansi-styles ANSI escape codes for colorizing strings in the terminal

ansicolors Functions that surround a string with ansicolor codes so it prints in color.

anymatch Matches strings against configurable strings, globs, regular expressions, and/or functions

anysort Sorting and matching utility using configurable string, glob, regular expression, and/or function matchers

applause Replace text patterns with a given replacement.

apply-transform Applies a transform to an input string and calls back with result, mostly useful for testing transforms

arabicstring A Javascript library that extends the native String object with methods to help when dealing with Arabic strings for node and the browser.

array-reader Read forwards and backwards in an array

array.from A robust & optimized `Array.from` polyfill, based on the ECMAScript 6 specification.

array.of A robust & optimized `Array.of` polyfill, based on the ECMAScript 6 specification.

aspir Check for and find object values using a string path.

async-deep-trim asynchronous recursive module to trim Strings in large arrays

async-replace Run replace on a string and update it asynchronous

atropa-string-pad Pads strings on the right or left with user defined characters or strings.

batch-replace Perform multiple str.replace() with one operation

binary-string Binary string because binary encoding still has its uses.

binstring Convert binary data to and from various string representations

bitwise-xor Bitwise XOR between two Buffers or Strings, returns a Buffer

bop Bop, an ultra fast Boyer-Moore parser/matcher optimized for string and buffer patterns (<= 255 bytes), then it is ideal for parsing multipart/form-data streams, that have a pattern / boundary length < ~70 bytes.

brackets2dots Convert string with bracket notation to dot property notation for Node.js and the browser.

brackets2dots.js Convert string with bracket notation to dot property notation for Node.js and the browser.

broccoli-replace Replace text patterns with applause.

browserify-string Run browserify over a string or an inline function

buf2str Convert a buffer (or buffer accepted value) to a string.

bufferpack Module to pack/unpack primitives and c strings into/out of a Node.js buffer

builder-string HTML template plugin for component-build

bulk-replace Bulk replace items in a string from an object.

case Extensible string utility for converting, identifying and flipping string case

chalk Terminal string styling done right. Created because the `colors` module does some really horrible things.

character-parser Parse JavaScript one character at a time to look for snippets in Templates. This is not a validator, it's just designed to allow you to have sections of JavaScript delimited by brackets robustly.

chardiff Character-level text diffs respecting line boundaries

cli-native Native type conversion functions

cli-util Utility functions for the cli toolkit

colorado ridiculously simple console string styling

component-string Component plugin to transform files into require-able strings

component-truncate String truncation utility ...

conceal Conceals a string or part of it behind a specific character

consumer Consume Javascipt strings character-by-character.

convert-hex Convert to/from hex string and array of bytes

convert-metric Converts a string with imperial units to metric units.

convert-string Convert to/from strings and array of bytes

cozy-slug Slugify your strings

cryptocoin-ripemd160 Compute RIPEMD160 of bytes or strings.

cryptocoin-sha256 Compute SHA256 of bytes or strings.

css-safe Make strings safe for CSS.

css.escape A robust polyfill for the `CSS.escape` utility method as defined in CSSOM.

cssesc A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible ASCII-only output.

csv-string PARSE and STRINGIFY for CSV strings. It's like JSON object but for CSV. It can also work row by row. And, if can parse strings, it can be use to parse files or streams too.

dahelpers Library of miscellaneous formatting and helper functions

dank-cast Cast values to more specific types with default values if they can't be casted

date-format formatting Date objects as strings since 2013

deep-access Access nested object properties via strings

deep-get-set Set and get values on objects via dot-notation strings.

deepval get and set object values using dot-delimited key strings

deromanize-component Convert a string in roman numerical format to a number

detect-indent Detect the indentation of code

diacritic Removes accents / diacritics from strings, sentences, and paragraphs fast and effeciently.

diacritics remove diacritics from strings

dotsplit.js Transform dot (`.`) delimited strings to array of strings for Node.js and the browser.

dress missing javascript prototypes(experimental)

dt-stream Δt stream adapter - async & dynamic templating engine

duke This is a Dummy Package created by Duke in order to understand the basic folw of npm package creation. Main utility of this package it to replace a text string

ellipsize Ellipsizes a string at the nearest whitespace character near the end of allowed length

ember-string-parameterize An ember.js extension that transforms a string so that it may be used as part of a 'pretty' / SEO friendly URL.

emphasis small function that normalizes a string which does not contain either for emphasis, spaces or special character

entity-convert convert all special characters in a string to their corresponding HTML and CSS entities

enverize Swap in ENV in and out of Strings

es6 Shim to provide ECMAScript 6 Harmony implementation

es6-template-strings Compile and resolve template strings notation as specified in ES6

esrever A fully Unicode-aware string reverser written in JavaScript.

ets It extracts all strings to translate and saves them in a file.

excerpt Extracts an excerpt of text that matches a phrase

exp RegExp library based on underscore js

expand-hash Recursively expands hash keys into objects.

exparser A string scanner/parser for finding sequences of expressions.

extend-string Extend (prototype) the String object with new features like trim, camelCase, shorten, etc.

extended Library for combining multiple libraries into one

extensions Doin' freaky nasty things to the built in prototypes.

fast-levenshtein Efficient implementation of Levenshtein algorithm with asynchronous callback support

fez-replace Replace text patterns with applause.

flatstache Simple string template expansion using curly Mustache braces

fomatto Lightweight JavaScript String Interpolation.

forma Formatted strings for object streams

format-foo Another String format function! You gotta be kidding me.

format.js String Formatting for JavaScript

formatiq String.prototype.format

formatter Simple String Variable Replacement Formatter

fromjs Powerful LINQ engine for JavaScript

function-extended Additional function extensions with a chainable api

function-to-string Extract parameters and body of a function into strings

funstring Convert functions into strings

fuzzy.js Approximate (fuzzy) string matching just like you are used to from Sublime Text and others.

fuzzytime A JavaScript library for generating "fuzzy" time-stamps.

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