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aho-corasick-automaton Stream Aho-Corasick automata

binstring Convert binary data to and from various string representations

bracketeer Bracketeer is a simple way to search an replace brackets inside a string.

chronos.js Library for interpreting duration into strings

cl-strings > String template system for multi-colour console output with interpolation.

clj-fuzzy A handy collection of algorithms dealing with fuzzy strings and phonetics.

codepage pure-JS library to handle codepages

component-reverse unicode-aware string reversal

convert-hex Convert to/from hex string and array of bytes

convert-string Convert to/from strings and array of bytes

crafity-core Crafity Core Framework

cryptocoin-ripemd160 Compute RIPEMD160 of bytes or strings.

cryptocoin-sha256 Compute SHA256 of bytes or strings.

encryptionhelper A collection of helper functions that encrypt, decrypt, and hash strings and files based on the native crypto module

extend-string Extend (prototype) the String object with new features like trim, camelCase, shorten, etc.

extract-values A simple helper to extract values from a string based on a pattern.

fromjs Powerful LINQ engine for JavaScript

globalize New age globalization and localization. Formats and parses strings, dates and numbers in over 350 cultures.

grunt-attention Display attention-grabbing messages in the terminal

grunt-regex-replace Grunt plugin to search and replace text content of files based on regular expression patterns

gulp-simplecrypt Simplecrypt for Gulp.

humps Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript.

i18n-strings-files Process .strings files used for localization in iOS/OSX development

ink-strings The purpose of the *ink-strings* library is to gather up the best of the available string libraries and edit them into a single, somewhat cohesive whole that runs on server and client.

js-uglydb Pack large JSON objects into to small sizes by normalizing.

just.randomstring generate random string for api keys, passwords ...

juxtapose Compare multi-line strings side by side

legitjs Lightweight objects and strings validation for Node.js

mpm.shortcode shortcode api for nodejs, nano templating library

mstring Multi-line strings module for node.js

noflo-strings String Utilities for NoFlo

normalize-for-search Un-accents and un-umlauts characters in a string. Also preliminary converts the string to lower case. We use it for autocomplete: both for the matched strings -- on the server side, when indexing; and for the strings the user types into a text input in the browser.

padder Pad strings in different ways

parsetime convert strings like 'five days ago' (in english, german, french or portuguese) to an integer (with time in seconds)

random-strings Fast, beautiful, unique random Strings for node.

reverse-component unicode-aware string reversal

ripemd160 Compute RIPEMD160 of bytes or strings.

rjb-toolbox some extensions for node and the browser

segmenter To segment a set of chunks from strings or streams

sha256 Compute SHA256 of bytes or strings.

simple-capture Extremely simple RegExp style string captures

simplecrypt Simple library for encrypting/decrypting strings without the boilerplate of the crypt library.

singlequote Transform all doubel quote strings in a piece of JavaScript code to single quoted strings

smaz Compression for very small strings

string string contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla JavaScript string such as escaping html, decoding html entities, stripping tags, etc.

string-capitalize Capitalizes a string.

string-humanize Transforms the input into a human friendly string.

string-russian Beautiful string.js module. Now with Russian language support.

string-scanner scan through text strings

string-to-jsify A browserify transform for loading text files.

strings String replacement and transformation library.

stringutils A collection of string manipulation utils

stround Rounding methods for exact numbers using strings.

titlecaps Node module to capitalize first letter in each word

useful A collection of useful utils for server and client side

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