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dashboards-stripe-charges Stripe charges plugin for segmentio/dashboards

dashboards-stripe-subscriptions Stripe subscriptions plugin for segmentio/dashboards

fire-stripe Fire stripe allows you to accept payments from a client side app through stripe. Fire-stripe is a tiny npm module that watches firebase for new tokens and then creates charges through stripe.

freshbooks-cli-config Configuration manager for freshbooks-cli

freshbooks-cli-create-plugin A freshbooks-cli plugin to generate freshbooks-cli plugins

freshbooks-cli-invoice A command-line interface for interacting with Freshbooks Invoices

freshbooks-cli-project A command-line interface for interacting with FreshBooks Projects

freshbooks-cli-task A command-line interface for interacting with Freshbooks Tasks

freshbooks-cli-time-entry A command-line interface for interacting with Freshbooks Time Entries

invoice-pdf Create a stripe invoice pdf from a jade template

masterofcoin Store Stripe Webhook events into MongoDB, send Hipchat notifications, and display them using Server-Sent Events.

modeler-stripe Stripe backend for modeler functional entity system

mongoose-stripe-customer A Mongoose plugin to handle and validate stripe customers and their subscription plans

passport-stripe Stripe authentication strategy for Passport.

pricing-widget browser widget to accept payments by credit card

seneca-stripe-pay Stripe pay strategy for the Seneca payment plugin

stripe-api The API

stripe-charges Query Stripe charges

stripe-cohort Query Stripe customers by cohort

stripe-kanso Kanso and CouchDB support for the Stripe payments API

subscription Library to store and manage paid subscriptions via Stripe and LevelDB

substripe Extremely simple subscription payment form with Stripe in seconds.

tf-trade-bot-stripe Trades TF2 Items using Stripe payment processor.

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