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binary-format Two-way custom binary seralization

binary-parser Blazing-fast binary parser builder

binstruct Read/write binary data structures to/from buffers.

component-struct Builder for struct components

destruct Easily unpack C Structs and binary buffers

esterakt Structs and webgl compatible interleaved buffers

ministruct Small library to define strictly typed objects

new-struct Structs inspired from Golang

node-struct-crc16 Extension of the struct module to carry a crc16 value at its head

ntype defining interfaces for class structure and auto-type checking in javascript for Node.js

ogg-packet Manually construct `ogg_packet` struct instances

pystruct Buffer based implementation of python's struct module

ref-struct Create ABI-compliant "struct" instances on top of Buffers

ref-struct-prebuilt Create ABI-compliant "struct" instances on top of Buffers

reified JS Binary Data API. Structs, arrays, bitfields, and numbers. Reify and Reference like nobody's business.

rework-struct Rework preprocessor for struct

struct-object Object with strict type checking like a C struct.

struct.js Structs for JS

structjs **Structjs** allows mapping of contiguously allocated binary data to JavaScript objects for both Node.js and the Browser.

structure Generator of struct classes, each one of which is defined to hold a set of variables and their accessors.

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