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amigo AngularJS MongoDB Express NodeJS project generator

annozip Zips data into structure

appscaffold Creates a directory structure for applications using NodeJS

baya Create the directory structure

circular-list A circular linked list

colony In-browser network graphs representing the links between your Node.js code and its dependencies.

composites Composite tree structures for node.

create-node-project Create common Node.js project structure

createjs CreateJS is an easy to use node package which allows you to create folder and file structures.

cts Declarative structural remapping for the web.

data-js common data structures

dirscanner Analyze a directory substructure and return it as an object.

disc A tool for analyzing the module tree of a browserify bundle or node project

docpad-plugin-menu Automatically generates menu from documents folder

double-cycle a specialized datastructure with double indexing and queue-based entry cycling

dstruc Get directories and files recursively.

express-orm-mvc Express + ORM MVC

fifo FIFO queue

file-tree-sync A function that iterates recursively through a directory structure and returns it as a normal array. Supports glob syntax to ignore files if needed.

functional-red-black-tree A fully persistent balanced binary search tree

iraasta-utils util tools for object oriented design

json-transfom translate json into a structure you want

json-transform translate json into a structure you want

jsondir Convert JSON to directories and back again.

keigai Lightweight data store library, with a utility belt

mori Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript

node-oyster oyster

node-tree-data tree data structure

nutshell Create & generate MVC project structure, with Express, Mongoose & Jade

oo-utils util tools for object oriented design

packet Pure JavaScript evented binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.

powpow Automated template directory creation

pseudo A simple loader of actions and middlewares for express.js

qu a simple and efficient queue

setjs Set data structure

skeleton Express 3.0 framework-less app structure generator

skeletonode Node.js library for constructing applications of OOP type

sorted-map a sorted map based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation

sorted-set a sorted set based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation

structure Generator of struct classes, each one of which is defined to hold a set of variables and their accessors.

structured Simple interface for checking structure of JS code against a template, backed by Esprima.

stub simple,lightweight class structure library

taxonomy Manipulates tree like structure. Produces JSON compatible with jstree (although jstree is not required to use).

template-object Runs underscore's _.template over an object structure.

tracery an object structure predicate builder (make functions to test an object's structure)

tsk simple,lightweight mass of utilities for the masses

tuple-w A tiny tuple implementation

universe Project directory structure

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