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ansi-font ANSI font styling utils

ansistyles Functions that surround a string with ansistyle codes so it prints in style.

barber Write CSS in Javascript

blessings A port of python blessings.

boost inline css into your html

brauhaus-styles A BJCP style catalog plugin for Brauhaus.js

broccoli-myth Preprocess CSS with [Myth](

broccoli-rework Preprocess CSS with Rework

broccoli-styl Preprocess CSS with Styl

bunyan-format Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it.

cane Modular DOM library

chi-classes Easily manage CSS classes on DOM nodes

codepainter A JavaScript beautifier that can both infer coding style and transform code to reflect that style. You can also set style preferences explicitly in a variety of ways.

compute-style get the computer style property of an HTML element

computed-style Cross-browser currentStyle/getComputedStyle implementation

computed-style-component create an object representing the computed style values of a DOM element

ep_sticky_attributes Add support to for attributes to stick on the caret position IE pressing bold button then typing creates bold text or hitting control b then typing creates bold text. Works for underline, italic, bold

filterhtml FilterHTML: A whitelisting HTML filter for Python and JavaScript

ganam Ganam style is a style guide parser

ganam-cli Ganam style command line tools

geocolor style geojson based on data classifications

get-style-property Gets the current value of a style property for a given DOM element.

grunt-adam-compass Compile Sass to CSS using Compass

grunt-contrib-compass Compile Sass to CSS using Compass

grunt-contrib-haml Compile Haml to HTML

grunt-contrib-sass Compile Sass to CSS

grunt-furnace grunt tasks for transforming code from one format to another

grunt-myth Myth - Postprocessor that polyfills CSS

grunt-sass Compile SCSS to CSS using node-sass

grunt-sass-fork Compile Sass to CSS

grunt-sass-format Check format of sass you wish.

grunt-stylist Extract selectors from files into stylesheets.

grunt-uniator Combine style-tags and CSS-files linked by HTML-file into one or several files or style-tags

gulp-compass Compile Compass files

gulp-esformatter Beautify JavaScript code with esformatter

gulp-jscs Check JavaScript code style with jscs

gulp-myth Myth - Postprocessor that polyfills CSS

gulp-rework Preprocess CSS with Rework

gulp-ruby-sass Compile Sass to CSS with Ruby Sass

gulp-styl Preprocess CSS with Styl

heya-dom DOM: the venerable Dojo DOM utilities.

hobostyle Dynamic CSS for your web page!!!

hubot-scripts-german-sites Some hubot scripts for german websites

hut-base Base styles for HTML UI Toolkit

i3-style Make your i3wm config a little more stylish

insert-style Simple helper for inserting new css rules into page (not into element).

jscs-trailing-comma JSCS rules around trailing commas in object/array literals

less Leaner CSS

less-context-functions Leaner CSS with context bound functions

less-papandreou Leaner CSS

less-ref-test Leaner CSS

load-styles Add a CSS <style> tag to the document's <head> node

minichain Minimal semantic chainable output styler/writer

ministyle Minimal chainable semantic output styler/writer

minitable Minimal table-layout for semantic styler/writer

moarl moarl - less dependency management utility

node-bot Fast and Real-time extraction of web pages information using node-dom (html,text,etc) based on given criterias

node-dom Javascript fast W3C DOM generation.

node-gadgets Real-time extraction from web pages of HTML gadgets and associated properties using node-dom based on given criterias

nss Node Style Sheets: A CSS Preprocessor in JavaScript Syntax

packuvator Render Jade/CoffeeScript/Stylus template directory into HTML/JS/CSS zip archive

parserlib CSS3 SAX-inspired parser

piping-styles Keep your styles piping hot! Rebuild your styles on change without binaries

planepacker A rectangle packing layout engine, currently only supports images, scales and crops such as to optimize relative sizes and leaves no empty space

pretty-select-style insert css for a prettier select

qless Leaner CSS

rcss CSS as JavaScript objects, imported with `require()`.

retro-gulp-styl Preprocess CSS with Styl

rework-ie-limits A Rework plugin to check if the number of CSS selectors in a file exceeds the limit for IE < 10

rework-mixin-opacity A Rework opacity mixin that inserts IE 8's opacity filter

rework-npm Import CSS from npm modules using rework

roole A language that compiles to CSS

rtlcss Framework for transforming cascading style sheets (CSS) from left-to-right (LTR) to right-to-left (RTL)

Sheet 100% DOM-less JavaScript implementation of the styleSheets, cssRule & style APIs Supports custom and browser-incompatible CSS syntax like nested rules

shrub-groc-style The groc style for the Shrub project

sprite.styl Stylus mixins for generating image sprites.

stil style node.js command-line output with ease

stupid-dom-interface Simple JS library for setting and getting DOM element styles

styl CSS pre-processor built on Rework

style-dom Library to manipulate CSS via DOM

style-format Library to easily style texts with string formatting

style-injector Inject some style into your HTML

style-js Comprehensive color manipulation classes.

style-tag Programatically create <style> elements in the browser

styled the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing

styleless Yet another alternative to CSS, with variables, functions, mixins. But now it's all js.

stylus Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset

stylus-blueprint Blueprint CSS framework ported to Stylus

stylus-images Enhanced stylus image handling plugin

styout Simple logging with sty

svg-curvy Build and edit curves with SVG

teamwork-coffeelint-rules Rules for CoffeeLint used by Teamwork to enfore a CoffeeScript code style

terminal A collection of different terminal utility functions.

topdoc Generate usage guides for css

transform-stack Add/remove individual transformations from a CSS transform style

uniator Combine style-tags and CSS-files linked by HTML-file into one or several files or style-tags

unicorn Add some color to your command line.

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