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ansi-styles ANSI escape codes for colorizing strings in the terminal

brauhaus-styles A BJCP style catalog plugin for Brauhaus.js

byestyle Keep an eye on those pesky inline styles.

cascadify Recursively find and concatenates styles specified in package.json.

chalk Terminal string styling done right. Created because the `colors` module does some really horrible things.

component-builder-less A component (v1+) builder plugin for LESS -> CSS conversion

css-colors-solarized CSS and Stylus style sheets for Ethan Schoonover's solarized colors.

docpad-plugin-autoprefix Add browser/vendor prefixes to your stylesheets automatically, so you don't have to!

docpad-plugin-axis Adds support for the Stylus CSS pre-processor to DocPad with the Axis CSS framework

docpad-plugin-buildr Adds support for Buildr to DocPad

docpad-plugin-less Adds support for the LESS CSS pre-processor to DocPad

docpad-plugin-roole Adds support for the Roole CSS pre-processor to DocPad

docpad-plugin-sass Adds support for the SASS and SCSS CSS pre-processors to DocPad. It also supports the Compass framework.

docpad-plugin-stylus Adds support for the Stylus CSS pre-processor to DocPad

dss Documented Style Sheets

grunt-css-docs CSS Docs & Style Guide generator based on DSS. (Similar to JSDoc format) Template support Handlebars, Hogan, Jade, Mustache

grunt-dss Build UI Documentation with the DSS Parser

has-color Detect whether a terminal supports color

less Leaner CSS

less-context-functions Leaner CSS with context bound functions

less-papandreou Leaner CSS

less-ref-test Leaner CSS

less-watcher2 Automatically detecting changes in .less files and recompile styles.

lmd LMD: Lazy Module Declaration

piping-styles Keep your styles piping hot! Rebuild your styles on change without binaries

qless Leaner CSS

recolor terminal color formatter, supported nesting styles.

sassr Browserify SASS transform

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

transform-style Apply transform style property with proper prefix to an element. For use with browserify / CommonJS.

translatez-hack Apply the translateZ hack in a cross-browser way. For use with browserify / CommonJS.

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