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aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspa-express Simple, lightweight, dependency-free Connect module for using web assets packaged by aspa.

carto Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler

co-nib nib support for CompoundJS's AssetsCompiler

coffee-assets Sprockets syntax for aggregating/minifying/gzipping CoffeeTemplates, CoffeeStylesheets, and CoffeeSprites.

coffee-sprites CoffeeScript/JavaScript stylesheet-based sprite image engine.

coffee-stylesheets Transpiler similar to SASS/SCSS/LESS/Stylus, except its 100% CoffeeScript!

coffee-stylesheets-compass-framework Compass Framework ported to CoffeeStylesheets

docpad-plugin-nodesass Adds support for the SCSS CSS pre-processor to DocPad using node-sass

docpad-plugin-sass Adds support for the SASS and SCSS CSS pre-processors to DocPad. It also supports the Compass framework.

gclosure Google Closure Compiler and Stylesheets

grunt-injector Inject references to files into other files (think scripts and stylesheets into an html file)

grunt-stylestats Analyze your stylesheets using stylestats.

gulp-inject A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.html

packuvator Render Jade/CoffeeScript/Stylus template directory into HTML/JS/CSS zip archive

rochelle Compile CSS in a single file using the @import rule

sheet CSS preprocessing library built upon Rework

statics-stylesheets statics plugin for using the stylesheets lib in production

stylus Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset

stylus-blueprint Blueprint CSS framework ported to Stylus

stylus-images Enhanced stylus image handling plugin

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