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klipspringer Klipspringer - Stylus framework

koa-stylus Stylus middleware for Koa

landscape A Stylus-powered frontend toolkit based on Bootstrap.

less-to-stylus Convert .less css preprocessor files to .styl format.

less2stylus convert LESS to Stylus

librarianowl Simple toolkit to generates Less, Sass/Scss & Stylus libraries defined through YAML.

makeover vendor mixins for stylus

mason simple, fun, static-file builder for jade, stylus, and javascript

metalsmith-stylus metalsmith stylus plugin

mimosa A lightning-fast, modular, next generation browser development tool.

mimosa-canary A modern browser development toolkit and application assembler. Compile, lint, optimize, serve and more.

mimosa-sprite A module for Mimosa to generate sprites and corresponding Stylus/LESS/SASS/CSS

mimosa-spritesmith A module for Mimosa to generate sprites and corresponding Stylus/CSS

mimosa-stylus A Stylus compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mincer Web assets processor. Native JavaScript port of Sprockets.

montblanc A Stylus library

nbuild Set of build helpers

node-sprite [![Build Status](](

node-sprite-generator Generates image sprites and their spritesheets (css, stylus, sass, scss or less) from sets of images. Supports retina sprites. Provides express middleware and grunt task.

node-sprites [![Build Status](](

normalize Stylus porting of normalize.css

normalize.stylus Stylus port of normalize.css

nss Node Style Sheets: A CSS Preprocessor in JavaScript Syntax

polvo Polyvalent cephalopod mollusc. (aka ambitious app assember)

polvo-stylus Stylus plugin for Polvo

punch-stylus-compiler Use stylus in your Punch projects

reset.styl Just one powerful implementation of those popular resets in Stylus

responsive-pixels Because web development shouldn’t require a calculator.

retro-gulp-styl Preprocess CSS with Styl

rosetta Shared variables between CSS and Javascript.

sass2stylus Convert Sass (and SCSS) to Stylus

serveur Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect

shoelace-stylus Stylus preprocessor

shoelace-ui-media-queries Easy media queries for Shoelace

shorthand-edge-omissions-stylus Allow omitted values in shorthand 1-value, 2-value, 3-value, 4-value padding and margin.

simple-grid-stylys Simple fixed customizable grid inspired bootstrap

slush-angular A slush generator for AngularJS using the Google Angular App Structure Recommendations

slush-ixqueleto Generate a simple web project using Slush and Gulp

smithy Preprocessing of CSS/JS meta-languages made easy through a singular API.

source-compiler Compile javascript transcompilers and css frameworks with one API

springbokjs-stylus-sprites Springbok - Sprites for Stylus

sprite.styl Stylus mixins for generating image sprites.

squire Flexible front-end build tools

styl CSS pre-processor built on Rework

styles Compile your LESS stylesheets using JSON and underscore.

stylify browserify v2 plugin for stylus

stylish Stylus middleware for connect

stylobate Framework for writing really abstract CSS in Stylus

stylobuild Workflow for building Stylus with CSSO, Autoprefixer and other stuff

stylus-assert Assert for Stylus

stylus-blueprint Blueprint CSS framework ported to Stylus

stylus-brandcolors brandcolors port for stylus

stylus-compiler A handy Stylus compiler from a series of compilers that have the same signature.

stylus-flatuicolors flat ui colors plugin for stylus

stylus-font-awesome stylus-font-awesome ===================

stylus-font-face @font-face generator plugin for stylus

stylus-fs Compile your Stylus to CSS easily

stylus-images Enhanced stylus image handling plugin

stylus-import-tree This plugin allows you to recursively import entire directories instead of writing bunch of `@import` statements in your stylus file:

stylus-lemonade Automatically Generate CSS Sprites from Images with Stylus

stylus-loader Stylus loader for webpack

stylus-mrmrscolors mrmrs colors plugin for stylus

stylus-normalize Stylus importable normalize

stylus-platonic CSS3D library built on Stylus

stylus-requires Quickly find dependencies in a stylus string

stylus-responsive Responsive mixin for stylus

stylus-spritesmith-brunch Adds Stylus support to Brunch with automatic sprite sheet generation.

stylus-spriting Sprite generator with stylus

stylus-type-utils Stylus typography functions and type conversion

stylux Autoloading Stylus Plugins

svg-stylus This project aims to recreate the functionality of rework-svg but adapted to work with Stylus.

tapas Preconfigured Express environment with multiple modules and helpers

theo Theme tokenizer working with JSON input generating variables for Sass, Stylus, Less, Aura, iOS (plist) and Android (XML)

thick Framework for producing one-page client websites (no server)

thumble WIP Do Not Use Yet: A big button frontend library for those who thumble around to click on stuff

transfigure Transform the content of coffeescript|stylus|less|jade|handlebars|dust|twig to js|css|html

typographic Stylus typography with modular scale, font stacks, and more

utilus.styl Some useful helper mixins for Stylus

verse Forward-looking Stylus CSS framework for CSS3/HTML5.

voila best asset manager one can get in nodejs

watch-compile An watch-compile tool for nodejs.Useful for webdev real-time compilation such as less/coffee or what ever you want.

watchel Auto watch/compilation/LiveReload for a myriad of frontend languages

watcher Recompile your Coffee/SASS/Haml/Less/... files as soon as they change

webant-handler-stylus A handler for the webant module for stylus requires.

whisper-stylus Compiles Stylus stylesheets.

winningjs-build A Grunt build task for Windows 8 applications built on the WinningJS framework.

wonder UI kit for Stylus

yaac Yet another asset compiler

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