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airwaves Airwaves is a lightweight pub/sub library that can be used in any JavaScript environment. It has no dependencies.

alamid-junction Provides convenient methods for setting and retrieving multiple signals

alamid-list Simple observable arrays

alamid-set Simple observable key-value store

alamid-signal Simple observable signal

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

behold simple frp/pubsub/observers using ECMA5 getters/setters

bubpubsub a pubsub system with bubbling, replies and persistence

capo Understand subscriptions and listeners. Get the list of events or event handlers. Capo is a complement for Mediator

cercle anything in anything out pub/sub

compound-signal Dispatch after multiple signals are triggered

CompoundSignal Special Signal that groups multiple Signals together and dispatches after all the group elements are dispatched.

dendrite An extended Observer pattern implementation, worked at any JavaScript environment

dtang-pubsub A small PubSub library under the PS constructor function.

emissary Utility mixins for subscribing to and emitting events.

eventemitter3 EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface. This the source of the same EventEmitter that is used in Primus.

eventpublish add, rm and fire string-associated event functions

feedsub Reads online RSS/Atom/JSON feeds notifying on new items. Emits events on new feed items.

lasso-js Advanced mediator library

level-track receive updates from a set of keys and ranges in leveldb

mediator-js Flexible event management. Implementation of the mediator pattern.

minpubsub 198 byte publish/subscribe messaging micro-framework

mosca The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, ZeroMQ, MongoDB or just MQTT.

mows Use MQTT from the Browser, based on MQTT.js and websocket-stream

mqemitter An Opinionated Message Queue with an emitter-style API

mqstreams MQ pub/sub as streams - based on mqemitter

mqtt A library for the MQTT protocol

mqttjs Deprecated - see mqtt instead

mqttjsb A library for the MQTT protocol

multipub multi-redis pub/sub

nats Node.js client for NATS, a lightweight messaging system

newsemitter An event emitter that emits only new events.

node-eventer Pub/Sub Events Library

node-internal-pubsub A publish/subscribe API similar to that in node_redis, minus the redis

node-observer Observer pattern implementation

node-pipes Pipes Library

node-pubsub Empowers you node app with simple pub/sub functionality. Good for mocking a pub/sub back-end or writing single instance pub/sub applications.

notifications A mechanism for dispatching notifications within a Node.js program.

object-subscribe Unobtrusive object subscribe / watch / bind

pierre A waiter module. Wait for this id to be served then run this function

pinvault-observer An observer/mediator library that supports objects and arrays as event names for partial matching on dispatches.

post Emitter-like component to create safe cross origin communication

primus-emitter Simple emitter wrapper for Primus

primus-multiplex Simple multiplexing for Primus

psst A small Pub/Sub library that uses subscriptions rather than callbacks.

pub-sub A small library that implements pub/sub in JavaScript.

pub-sub-js Distributed publish/subscribe messaging system

pubnub Publish & Subscribe Real-time Messaging with PubNub

pubsub-js Dependency free publish/subscribe library

pubsub.js Vanilla JS Pubsub implementation with wildcards and inheritance

pubsubjs micro pubsub library

pubsubmanager A simple and lightweight module for publishing and subscribing to custome events.

pubsubway Plain pubsub module with a spice of logic to when subscribers get the message. Get out of the callback hell - take the subway in a trafic jam.

pushy Publish-Subscribe system for realtime webapps

rabbit-pub-sub A turn key npm for doing pub/sub using rabbitmq

radio A small dependency-free publish/subscribe (pub/sub) javascript library

realtime-storage The Realtime Framework Cloud Storage client for Node.js

rebus rebus - reactive Pub/Sub bus for sharing data between nodejs applications running on the same host

redis-eventemitter Redis pubsub using an event emitter

redjs A redis library for node.js

rundfunk Rundfunk is zero-conf distributed event emitter

signals Custom Event/Messaging System

spreedly-node A spreedly client library for Node.js

spreedly-node-new A spreedly client library for Node.js

sublish Minimalist publish/subscribe.

subscribe-stream a simple Readable stream to consume JSON published over redis pub/sub

subscriber Subscriber Module

thoonk Thoonk is a persistent (and fast!) system for push feeds, queues, and jobs which leverages Redis. Thoonk follows a contract (schema + behavior) to allow multiple languages and custom implementations to interact reliably.

thoonk-jobs Thoonk is a persistent (and fast!) system for push feeds, queues, and jobs which leverages Redis. Thoonk follows a contract (schema + behavior) to allow multiple languages and custom implementations to interact reliably.

tj A type safe publish subscribe API in JavaScript

topic A simple pub/sub package

topic-console-log Extends topic with console logging

topic-standard-log Extends topic with standard logging

vws.pubsub a pubsub system with bubbling and persistence

watch-notify The omnipresent publish subscribe design pattern. A standalone Observer that actually works on node.js and browser

whispers Shh! Publish/Subscribe framework

xmpp-ftw-pubsub Publish-Subscribe/PubSub (XEP-0060) plugin for XMPP-FTW

yapsl Yet another fancy publish subscribe library, written in C++

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