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allsubs A node.js module for API

cutlass A library for dealing with ASS subtitles.

libjass A library to render ASS subtitles on HTML5 video in the browser.

node-bbsub Corpus linguistics on BBC programmes' subtitles

node-vtt A node wrapper for vtt.js

opensubtitles-client opensubtitles API & command line subtitles downloader

plex-subtitles-normalizer CLI tool to fix subtitles needed by Plex Media Center

subswap Generate sub tracks from master subtitle file via swaps

subsync Sync your (srt) subtitles using the command line

subtitles-mixer CLI to join two subtitles files in one, one on top and one on the bottom.

subtitles-parser NodeJS Parser for SubRip subtitles

timestamps Parse and format video and ASS subtitle timestamps.

vtt.js A JavaScript implementation of the WebVTT specification.

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