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array-sugar adds last, first, remove, contains, isEmpty and few more methods/properties to Array utilizing Object.defineProperty

Blueprint-Sugar A simple Sugar for Prototypal Inheritance

brauhaus A javascript library for homebrew beer calculations, both in the browser and on the server

classdef Bare-bones syntactic sugar for class definitions in JS

delve Delve recursively into a value to retrieve a property; without erroring.

dirtyjs do questionable things to the native js objects

goose Goose is a command which adds brackets for golang

latte JavaScript, with a little milk and sugar

pg-spice Monkey patch providing sugar and spice atop the node.js PostgreSQL client library

pyramid-breaker Sugar syntax to break the hell of pyramid code when dealing with asynchronous callbacks.

servitude JavaScript and CSS Sugar

servitude-connect A port of Jerry Sievert's Servitude to connect middleware

sugar-unix Unix timestamps for sugar.

tap-chain Supplies a single mixin to enable seamless function and method interop - see

tapline A homebrew beer recipe API server backed by MongoDB

underscore.transparent Push Underscore.js and Underscore.string functions to native JavaScript Objects. Yep! You have Sugar JS code styling but with Underscore

vows-fluent A fluent chaining API on top of vows

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