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appagent Send requests to local HTTP servers (http.Server, express, connect or a function) with superagent

backbone-http An HTTP interface for BackboneORM

chaps cache fronted http api caller

corto command-line http client that makes its requests with superagent

gleeman-superagent Superagent module to use with gleeman

hyperagent hyper+json client for node.js and the browser

parse-superagent A REST client using superagent.

relax-component superagent on a couch

resource-agent Module for quickly writing api clients that roughly follow common rest patterns

riaktor a minimalist node.js wrapper for riak built with superagent

superagent-browserify A tiny wrapper around superagent to make it work with browserify.

superagent-defaults Create some defaults for superagent requests

superagent-openauth an openauth superagent plugin

superagent-promise superagent promise wrapper

superagent-proxy `Request#proxy(uri)` superagent extension

superagent-retry A retrying layer for a superagent request

supersamples Collection of samples for your Node.js REST API

supertest Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers

testresources Adds some conventions to superagent to make testing HTTP APIs quicker.

unirest Lightweight HTTP Request library.

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