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changelog-builder Compare git/svn branches and build a changelog from the log diff

grunt-ivantage-svn-changelog Incrementally build out your changelog whenever you tag a version for release

grunt-svn-commander Some useful SVN commands for your GruntJS builds.

grunt-svn-fetch Ensures specified files are checked out or updated from SVN repository.

grunt-svn-fetch-tiniplanet Ensures specified files are checked out or updated from SVN repository.

grunt-svninfo Subversion working copy metadata (svn info) grunt plugin

gsproxy A proxy server for sync Git repos to SVN repo.

hdt history document tool

log-timeline svn/git log timeline web show

node.svn svn command for node

node.svntail node svn server hook extend

nodesvn Node.JS bindings to interacting with a Subversion (SVN) repository. Written in C++, this binding interacts directly with the SVN libraries to provide quick, easy access to your Subversion repositories

npm-releaser npm releaser

powerline a powerline-style shell prompt builder

repoman Multi-repository source code management command-line tool

rolypoly Easily create SVN tags for stage rolls

sven Sven is a SVN command line with sugar added

svn SVN interface for js

svn-interface SVN Interface for Node.js

svn-jshint jshint svn diff

svn-log-parse Simple parsing for svn logs

svn-log-parser Parses SVN logs as into relevant JSON.

svn-npm-crutch Allow modules to be installed from svn repos

svn-spawn SVN access based on svn cli command

svn-utils A silly module for CS242's portfolio assignment

svninfo A parser for svn info

svnmonitor A simple command-line wrapper for getting log info from a Subversion repo

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