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assemble-swig-example Example project using Assemble and Swig.

atpl A complete and fast template engine fully compatible with twig and similar to jinja with zero dependencies.

broccoli-swig Broccoli-Swig filter

docpad-plugin-swig Adds support for the swig templating engine to DocPad.

filch Yet another static site generator.

generator-swulp Scaffold out a front-end swulp

grunt-embrace Template adapter to render and compile Mustache, Handlebars, Dust and Swig templates

grunt-jp-swig Compiles swig templates

grunt-rus-swig Grunt plugin for swig template engine

grunt-swig Static site compiler built around swig

grunt-swigtemplates Grunt plugin for working with swig templates.

grunt-wobble-swig Static site compiler built around swig

gulp-swig Swig Plugin for Gulp

gulp-swig-jst Compile Swig templates to a JST file using Gulp.

gulp-swig-precompile Swig precompiler for gulp

jstatic A simple, easily extensible, static documents generation task for Grunt.

koa-swig Koa view render based on Swig, support tags, filters, and extensions.

maglev Preconfigured simple NodeJS framework

minassic Easy asset optimization without disturbing the development workflow.

nes Node.js blogging with Swig and Express

njet-routing-swig Swig extension for njet-routing providing url generator from njet router

nodeframe A modular web application framework based-on popular node technologies (express, swig and etc.).

swig-component swig tag to enable component-based web development

swig-extensions A growing collection of tags and filters for Swig Templates.

swig-extras A collection of extra handy tags and filters for Swig Templates.

swig-highlight extension for the swig templating engine, adding highlight.js code blocks to be rendered!

swig-i18n i18n tag for swig template engine

swig-i18n-abide Swig translation tags for i18n-abide

swig-marked Markdown filters and tags for swigs, backed by marked

swigify browserify transform for swig templates

swigql swig templating for SQL

wintersmith-swig swig plugin for witnersmith

zoopinator Static site generator

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