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bootstrap-switch Turn checkboxes and radio buttons in toggle switches.

chnpm Switch between npm registries with fuzzy matching

cloud-switch Switchboard for cloud

credit-card-identifier Correctly identifies cards from VISA, Amex, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, JCB, Switch, Solo, Dankort, Maestro, Forbrugsforeningen, Laser.

dbj.cond Better conditional statement

eapi Arista EOS API (eAPI) implementation

feature-toggle A painless feature toggle system in JavaScript. Decouple development and deployment.

fi Javascript library for writing, chaining and using conditional statements in a functional way

flipit Feature flagging for NodeJS

grunt-feature A grunt task which generates feature configuration files to support code being released early and often and to synchronise features between JavaScript & CSS.

i-mysql A powerful nodejs module for mysql, we called be i-mysql.Including single table CRUD, transaction operations, multi- database switch function, etc. i-mysql 是将mysql进行二次封装的一个强大的nodejs模块,主要包括了单表的CRUD、事务相关操作、多数据库切换等功能!

jquery.onoff Interactive, accessible toggle switches for the web

lightswitch feature switch things

maintenance Express.js middleware for easy switching the app to maintenance mode.

nitrogen-gpio-pin This module allows you to use a GPIO pin in Nitrogen as a device.

node-options Parse the command line arguments

semantic-switch A semantic replacement for the switch statement

sioux-ui-switch UISwitch module for sioux

strong-registry CLI tool for switching your npmrc config between different registry servers

swap-case Swap the case of a string

switch-stream swap out a stream in-place

switcher Function to provide a similar syntax to a switch statement but with regex as cases.

switchstream Dynamically update a stream's output destination.

topcoat-switch Default styling for Topcoat switch

topcoat-switch-base Topcoat switch base.

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