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mel-queue Queue - Simple queue engine for Node.js

memlively Pure memory implementation of LivelyDb for doing real-time data binding of a database with local javascript objects.

memoizesync Helper for memoizing synchronous functions and methods

mio Modern idiomatic models for the browser and node.js.

mio-ajax AJAX storage plugin for Mio.

mirrorworks A handy rsync wrapper cli tool.

modella-ajax AJAX Sync Layer for Modella

modella-mongo Modella Mongo persistence layer

modella-save-invalid Adds method to persist models w/o validations

mods mods is an evented module system for Node.js.

mongosync A Backbone.Sync replacement for persisting data on the backend using MongoJS

nms Node Modules sync to all your computers via GitHub

node-define Makes AMD modules require’able in node by adding a global define function

node-dirutils A set of utility functions for working with directories.

node-i18n-mongo node-i18n-mongo is a module for i18n support in nodejs projects with mongodb

node-vk-music-sync Sync your music from to your computer.

node.flow A deadly simple flow control package for node.js

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

nowpad Realtime Text Collaboration

nsync sync your directories

objsync Object synchronization between clients via transports.

obsy atomic object/namespace sync across processes using observe and redis

opsync Monitor the MongoDB oplog and replay new operations on remote servers

phantom-sync sync version of phantom

pierrepoint Execute a list of CLI commands in order without having to manage manually

pull Little tool to pull repos from GIT. It was built to provide an API similiar to arca

pumpit A simple function to run async code with sync syntax using generators. Sync and automatic file download

quilter Maps file directory to a Cloudant database

read-file Lightweight methods for reading from the file system, async and sync, with extras for stripping byte order marks and normalizing newlines.

readdirrsync Synchronous, recursive readdir. Returns an array of (full) filepaths.

redis-sync redis replication slave

remonit-cli command line tool to use with Remonit dashboards

reqwest A wrapper for asynchronous http requests

rpull Recursive git pull with node

s3-sync A streaming upload tool for Amazon S3

s3upload An opinionated application to upload a folder to a s3 bucket.

schlock Poorly-crafted in-process lock broker

selenium-global Adds Selenium constructors to the global object for easier testing.

semver-sync Utility that keeps version numbers in sync between package.json, component.json and an optional source file.

serverbone Serverside additions to backbone to serve collections and models as express apps

sftp2sync rsync like sftp2

shellscript Use shell commands directly from nodejs to make synchronous shell scripts.

sinless Adapts sync functions to expose async api and leaves async functions unchanged..

soda-sync sync version of soda using fibers.

sphere-node-sync Collection of Sync components for SPHERE.IO entities.

sphere-product-sync Quick and easy way to sync your SPHERE.IO Products.

spurt A function to iterate over items with asynchronous calls synchronously.

sql-ddl-sync NodeJS SQL DDL Synchronization

staque build multiple, on-the-fly synchronous job queues

subsync Sync your (srt) subtitles using the command line

symmetry Sync objects by diffing and patching

symmetry-bb Apply Symmetry patches to Backbone models

synapse-bind Data Binding For The Rest Of Us

sync_package Sync package from remote registry to local registry

sync-bin An easy way to sync files from remote dir via http

sync-cache Cache for synchronous modules e.g. using Fibers based on Isaac's AsyncCache

sync-exec Synchronous exec with status code support. Requires no external dependencies, no need for node-gyp compilations etc.

sync-fs Synchronous version of the node.js fs module.

sync-memcached-store A synchronous Fibers-powered memcached store for SyncCache module

sync-pkg Minimalist CLI to sync only basic properties from package.json to bower.json.

syncer a cli tool for syncing static files to CDNs like upyun or qiniu

syncho Fast and lean abstraction for node Fibers. Easily run asynchronous functions synchronously.

synchronize Turns asynchronous function into synchronous

synchronouz Execute it all at once!

syncrepl REPL that makes doing async calls easier

syncstore Persistent Synchronous Key-Value Store for Node.js

taskgroup Group together synchronous and asynchronous tasks and execute them with support for concurrency, naming, and nesting.

tasq yet another javascript library to manage control flow

twostep Simple control-flow library for node.js that makes parallel execution, serial execution and error handling painless.

upshot Get and set the upshot of your ideas as gists.

vast-tools a develop tools for web sync files

version-sync Synchronous "package.json" version number fetcher for Node.

wait.for Sequential programming for node.js, end of callback hell

wd-sync sync version of wd using fibers.

webdav-sync Basic local sync to WebDAV servers

webdriver-sync Synchronous testing with Selenium and node.js!

wru sync and async JavaScript tests have never been that easy

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