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cef A very simple CEF-syslog module.

chatty Sexy syslogging for node.js

cinovo-logger-syslog Syslog endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-syslog-pipe Pipe syslog to cinovo-logger.

frontail tail -F output in browser

glossy Syslog parser and producer

heroku-events This module will mine heroku dyno related events out of a syslog file.

intel-syslog A syslog handler for intel.

log4js-ain2 An Ain2 based Syslog transport for log4js-node

lucidtail A real-time zero-configuration web-based tail

lylog Syslog proxy that receives syslogs from Fastly, and sends them to Logly.

netasqsyslog Syslog for NETASQ security appliances

nodemiral-logger Syslog Logger packaged for Nodemiral

posix The missing POSIX system calls

posix-nowin The missing POSIX system calls that wont even attempt to build on windows

posix-syslog Interface to syslog via local syscalls

rabbit-posix The missing POSIX system calls

santosh-posix The missing POSIX system calls

simplelogger A simple logging solution supporting file, stdout and syslog output

syslog Syslog-ng TCP client, with basic fault-tolerance.

syslog-console Syslog+Console will output messages to console and local udp:514, by replacing the console object

syslog-logger Logs to syslog as well as console on unix variants using the posix module.

syslog-protocol Syslog (RFC 3164) parser. Works with RFC 3339/ISO 8601 timestamps.

syslogger A sane syslog API

syslogh Log to the system's Syslog. Provides simple native bindings to <syslog.h> and syslog(3). Works on Node v0.11.

syslogudp Syslog UDP client.

winston-syslog A syslog transport for winston

winston-syslog-ain2 An ain2 based syslog transport for winston

winston-syslog-native winston transport for syslog using native logging functions via node-syslog

winston-syslogudp A UDP only syslog transport for winston

yasyslog yet another syslog

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