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ampline amp up your command line — assign variables to output from common commands. a great complement to tab completion

atom-pane A lightweight wrapper for creating new panes within Atom

babyparse Fast and reliable CSV parser based on PapaParse

chrome-tabs Browserify compatible HTML/CSS and JS chrome tabs implementation

commander-completion Shell completion for commander.js

commander-tabtab Tab/Auto Completion for Commander.js CLIs

complete tab completion CLI programs

completion Completion library for words, commands, and sentences

detect-indent Detect the indentation of code

detect-json-indent detect the indentation of stringified json

hut-tabs HTML UI Toolkit tabs component

jquery-emulatetab A jQuery plugin to emulate tabbing between elements on a page.

path-complete tab path completion for stdin

scriptchain Helper for Chrome extensions that injects a chain of JavaScript files into a content page in sequence.

singalong Application to facilitate casual musical singalongs and live band Karaoke

strip-indent Strip leading whitespace from every line in a string

tabby create tabbed web apps with progressive enhancement

topcoat-tab-bar Topcoat default tab bar skin

xtabs A cross tabulation library for Node.js

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