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browseris Ask questions about the browser in Express.

connect-mobile-detection Connect middleware to check useragent for mobile or tablet devices.

device Browser detection library based on express-device, but without the express part

express-device Browser detection library, built on top of express

express-mobile-detection [DEPRECATED] Express middleware to check useragent for mobile or tablet devices.

gbe Gamebook Engine is a command line utility to create tablet ebooks where the reader can change the story based on its actions and choices

grunt-phonegapsplash Create splashscreen from a PNG.

jquery.finger jQuery Finger unifies click and touch events by removing the 300ms delay on touch devices. It also provide a common set of events to handle basic gestures such as drag and pinch. Small (< 1kb gzipped), it is focused on performance, is well tested and ... also supports jQuery delegated events.

mobile-detect Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

mobile-usage Analyze HTTP access logs and visualize statistics w/ focus on mobile usage

node-wintab wintab api bindings for node.js

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