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coffeenode-tagtool A simple in-memory tagging library Generate word clouds in JavaScript.

density Calculating keyword density in a text/html

downsize Tag-safe truncation for HTML and XML. Works by word!

etikett an unstyled tag entry component managed by backbone

express-outdatedhtml Replace HTML5-element-names with proven old ones, on-the-fly during view render, to reach IE compatibility.

foundry Release manager for npm, bower, component, PyPI, git tags, and any plugin you can write

foundry-release-git git release library for foundry

frame-star Representation of data set using tags.

git-object-tag parse and create git tag objects

git-rev-2 get the current git commit hash, tag or branch in node

github-latest get the latest (semver) tag number of a repo

gittag A Git tag parser written in JavaScript.

glossary Term extraction module

googletagmanager Google Tag Manager loader for web apps

grunt-git-remote-tag Creates a tag in the provided repository folder and push it to an specific remote.

grunt-github-tags Set tags for a repo on Github.

grunt-versioner Grunt plugin for versioning, building, tagging your Git project and publishing to NPM.

htmlstrip-native Strip html tags with easy and efficiency

id3v1-parser Simple ID3 version 1 streaming parser

ka-ching A caching module for streams with tag-based invalidation

lexemic Tools for working with human language data.

live-require add scripts to a page programmatically

lots Little Open Ticket System. View todos and tags in a codebase.

markdown-tag parse tag delimited markdown from a text source

mdtag <markdown> tag in html

mongoose-taggable Simple tagging plugin for Mongoose

musicmetadata Streaming music metadata parser for node and the browser.

musicmetadata-superjoe30 Streaming music metadata library for node, using pure Javascript.

ncname Regular expression for matching XML NCName

osx-tag A module to operate tags on OSX Mavericks

released A module that helps release your code in one command. Bump version number, commit, push and tag your code.

rendirect Use the awesome meta refresh tag to render something and redirect to another page.

replace_tag replace html tag without use regex or xregex in JavaScript

rfidea Your contactless discography

rin rin component

rtags Tag management system backed by Redis

serial-number Reads the machine's serial number (a.k.a. service/asset tag) or Amazon EC2 instance-id

sole sole.js - the soul of the console - tag, glob, filter and trigger events via console messages

tag window/tab titles for

tag-parser A utility for parsing text markup

tagalog A tagged logging library (with plugins!)

tagmanager An extensible tag manager

tagx Tag utility module

ti-sensortag An implementation for the TI CC2541 SensorTag

truncatise Truncate HTML based on characters, words or paragraphs. Has the ability to strip tags.

trunkata Truncation utility which preserves HTML content and can truncate by lines.

turf-tag turf tag module

userbadges client for Node.js

validate-element-name Validate the name of a custom element

versiontag Replaces all occurences of tags, and tags the project with git.

wintersmith-tag-pages Wintersmith plugin for generating tag pages

xml-char-classes Regular expressions for matching against the XML Character Classes

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