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bootstrap-tokenfield Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input fields with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.

coffeenode-tagtool A simple in-memory tagging library

ctags A package for reading source code tag files

docpad-plugin-related Adds support for related documents to DocPad

docpad-plugin-tags Create tag pages within DocPad

docpad-plugin-taxonomy Adds support for basic taxonomy to DocPad

docpad-plugin-timaschew-tags Create tag pages within DocPad

ejstags Creates tags file for JavaScript source code.

escp Escape HTML tags for NodeJS

filterhtml FilterHTML: A whitelisting HTML filter for Python and JavaScript

filtro-facebook Return Facebook tags

filtro-title Filtro returns the page title of an URL

find-hashtags Extracts the hashtags from a string

further A lightweight library on Node.js

grunt-github-tags Set tags for a repo on Github.

grunt-script-link-tags Automatically generate script tags and link tags for your HTML

hbloom Hirachical bloom classifier

htag Html tag helper

html-tags List of standard HTML tags

id3v2-parser ID3v2 audio tag streaming parser

is-html Check if a string is HTML

jsctags Intelligent code indexing for JavaScript

ka-ching A caching module for streams with tag-based invalidation

libexif libexif bindings (not exec...)

longlang Generates fake language (longer or shorter) from a localisation file, preserving inline HTML.

marks Simple, fast & extensible markup parsing, traversing & rendering.

modest Create HTML modules (building blocks) that look like new HTML tags. Use modules to form other modules. Easily pass parameters from multiple sources to modules and inner modules. Use as a drop-in templating language to any web framework.

mongoose-plugins-tags-simple Adds a simple tag field to a mongoose schema

musicmetadata Streaming music metadata parser for node and the browser.

musicmetadata-superjoe30 Streaming music metadata library for node, using pure Javascript.

phantalyzer A PhantomJS script for running Wappalyzer over many sites using a headless Webkit browser

redis-tagging Fast and simple tagging of (sorted) items

rest-tagging A REST interface for redis-tagging

rolypoly Easily create SVN tags for stage rolls

sendstrip Breaks down the 'from' value of SendGrid's Parse Webhook into components

simple-collection Library for simple collections

snowdrop A utility that watches a local folder for changes and acts as files in that folder change.

string string contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla JavaScript string such as escaping html, decoding html entities, stripping tags, etc.

string-russian Beautiful string.js module. Now with Russian language support.

swaptags Util for swapping one set of script <tags> out for another.

sweeten-docco Sweeten docco output with syntax highlighted JSDoc & Codo tags

swig-extensions A growing collection of tags and filters for Swig Templates.

swig-extras A collection of extra handy tags and filters for Swig Templates.

swig-marked Markdown filters and tags for swigs, backed by marked

t-docpad-plugin-tags Create tag pages within DocPad

tagalog A tagged logging library (with plugins!)

taghub Commandline tool to compare the latest tags of your and their github repository.

umm Give your projects tags and comments for easy access (and much more).

userbadges client for Node.js

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