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always-tail continuous file tail. robust enough to survive rollovers.

bintail Like tail -f, but binary-safe!

file-tail Like tail -F command in unix. Runs on Windows (no Contains command line version.

follow-file Provide a simple way to watch and a file even if it is truncated.

frontail tail -F output in browser

lag.tail The lag function tail() as a standalone module.

livetail Node.js implementation for tailing a file. Like tail -f

lucidtail A real-time zero-configuration web-based tail

mongoose-tail Node.js module for mongoose-tail

mtail Tail multiple files

nodetail A porting of Tail command to NodeJS

nork-tail File/Directory monitor for Node.js based on

read-chunk Read a chunk from a file

read-slice read part of a file

slice-file stream file slices by line number indexes

tail-array get the tail of an array

tail-serve stream a file's tail over password protected http

tail-stream Like 'tail -f' but a stream.

tailer node.js equivalent of Unix 'tail -F <file>'

tailfd Tail a file. This will continue to work even if a file is unlinked rotated or truncated. It is also ok if the path doesnt exist before watching it

tailing-stream Read a growing file continuously as a Stream.

tailnative Native (C++) Re-Implemetation of 'tail -f' command

tailnative.redux Small revision on top of Marco Rondini's Native (C++) Re-Implemetation of 'tail -f' command

tailstream Streams2 "tail -f" until stopped

terminus An abstraction for making stream.Writable streams without all the boilerplate.

webtail Client for

windows-eventlog-reader Read windows event logs

z-combinator Z Combinator for self-referencing anonymous functions

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