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authorize 国内各大微博的authorize链接生成方法集合。原理基本一样,稍有差别

flex-combo The Flex-combo is combo tool designed for web front-end developer. It support various kinds of combo format by modify configuration(eg. yahoo combo).

itaobao nodejs版淘宝网oauth认证和api sdk

node-taobao Library for api

tair Taobao Tair Client for Node.js

taobao taobao openapi sdk for node

taobao-top Library for taobao open platform(top) api

tnpm npm client for alibaba private npm registry

top Taobao Open API Client.

top.js Taobao Open Platform API

topapi Simple Node.js client library for the Taobao Open Platform(TOP) API

zoo Taobao Build Tools

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