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argg A poor man's test runner for tap, tape, or similar, that also can be used with istanbul. It's just three lines of code to require all globs or pathnames provided as command line arguments.

betamax Automate the copying/removing of temporary directories for your tests

blue-tape Tape test runner with promise support

boombox Insert your tape to play your test suites with fancy output

checkevents Server Sent Events testing helper for tape

colortape Colorize test results of tape/node-tap.

doctape Asynchronous calls against the doctape API

fez-tap TAP tests for your fez. Keep your tests ultra portable by using Tape. Run them on the backend with Fez, and on the frontend with anything else.

fez-tape TAP tests for your fez. Compatible with frontend because it's Tape by Substack. -- Great for automated browser testing builds.

grunt-tape Run tap/tape tests from within grunt

grunt-tar.gz Grunt wrapper around native gzip/ungzip compression utility for node.js

nodeunit-tape Just enough tape to run nodeunit tests in the browser

prova Test runner based on Tape and Browserify

redtape Simple setup/teardowns and assertion extensions for the tape testing framework

route-tester Tests the the correct routes and methods are available on a route object. Also ensures no additionals

scenario System test runner based on tape

tap-browser-color A simple reporter for tap/tape that makes the body tag yellow/red/green if pending/failing/passing. Useful for live-coding environments.

tap-dot Formatted TAP output with dots ...

tap-json JSON TAP output formatter.

tap-min Minimal TAP output formatter.

tap-nyan Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

tap-spec Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

tape-readable-seq Test readable streams emit a predefined sequence of values with tape

tape-run Headless tape test runner

taped Adds easy to use life-cycle functions for tape tests.

tapedeck Run tap(e) tests that need a your browser!

tapes A more robust tap-producing test harness for node and browsers. Adds beforeEach, afterEach, etc.

tar.gz Native gzip compression and decompression utility for Node.js.

where.js data-driven test method for JavaScript test libraries

wrapping-tape Wrap tape tests to add setup and teardown functionality

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