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anvil.scaffolding A set of scaffolds for extending anvil

anvil.task.cli An anvil core extension that exposes tasks to the command line

async-waterfall Runs a list of async tasks, passing the results of each into the next one

automaton Task automation tool

background Background.js provides a background job queue and list with array iterators for Javascript applications.

badoop Todo list management in bash

bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

basic-pipeline A basic pipeline module for node

boot-tasks Simple nodejs boot tasks manager. Executes a list of tasks, sync or async. That's all.

concurrency A way to achieve concurrency running multiple tasks

diet-tasks Task scheduler for node.js

dronos Dronos is a distributed scheduling system (with patterns similar to Linux's cron system), using MongoDB to coordinate running tasks (drons) across multiple nodes.

elvn Command line time management for nerds

estimate-tasks Given the individual tasks' estimations, calculates the total estimation for the whole project

grunt-available-tasks List available Grunt tasks & targets.

grunt-git-to-nodemodules Simply copy node_module from git to node_modules folder

grunt-init-node-bin Create a Node.js module with Executable, CoffeeScript, Mocha, Chai & Bumber.

grunt-load-options A simple plugin to modularize your Gruntfile by putting options and tasks in a `grunt` subfolder.

grunt-loadnpmtasks A Node module (not a Grunt task itself) to help in loading NPM-based tasks without requiring a "package.json" file next to every Gruntfile. To be used as an alternative to `grunt.loadNpmTasks`/`grunt.task.loadNpmTasks` within large, hierarchical codebases.

grunt-n-roses grunt a run, n' roses for node

grunt-nestedtasksrunner Nested tasks generator for Grunt

grunt-tasks Enables a more modular approach to configuring Grunt. Search a specified folder for files containing Grunt task definitions.

gruntfile-gtx Turbo, spoilers and a sunroof for your Gruntfile

gulp-help Adds help task to gulp and the ability to provide help text to your custom gulp tasks

isolated-task-runner Run invidual tasks on a seperate process

jfdi A Hacker's Way of Getting $#!% Done

load-common-grunt-tasks Load common grunt tasks and configs so you don't need to redefine them for every module

load-grunt-subtasks Load multiple grunt tasks from subprojects using globbing patterns

load-grunt-tasks Load multiple grunt tasks using globbing patterns

minitask A standard/convention for running tasks over a list of files based around Node core streams2

morale Async API wrapper for Morale (

owinjs Owin/JS lightweight middleware framework for Node.js, with Promise/A based async tasks. Standards-based replacement for Connect, Express, and Koa, with adapters to call middleware written for latter frameworks.

p-throttler A promise based throttler capable of limiting execution of parallel tasks

rubidium A small unique job scheduler.

runno Simple job runner for command line tasks with complex dependencies

shep WARNING: Shep is still in developement. Don't use it in production!

simple-pipeline Simple-Pipeline is a node module for defining and executing a simple sequential workflow while maintaining and passing a context along from operation to operation.

simple-schedule Simple scheduler for running batch tasks on node.js

specfolder a simple specification parser for filenames and folders for multiple compilations tasks

task-group Node module to run a graph of tasks

task-queue-worker A powerful tool for background processing of tasks that are run by making standard http requests.

tasker Simple command line tasks. Kinda like Make, Rake, Jake, Whatever-ake

taskgroup Group together synchronous and asynchronous tasks and execute them with support for concurrency, naming, and nesting.

taskrabbit a node.js wrapper for the taskrabbit API

tasks Queue-based execution and eventing for tasks (ala GCD)

taskshuffle flat file .tasks editor for your browser

time-grunt Displays the elapsed execution time of grunt tasks when done

todo-model Todo Models

worker-forker Simplifies forking of worker processes and distributing tasks between them.

workflow.js Zero-code workflows engine for Node, PhoneGap and browser.

yao Compatible to all gulp plugins.

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