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pretendr Powerful JavaScript mocking

projstrap Minimal NodeJS Project Bootstrapper oriented around (B|T)DD

promise-matchers Custom jasmine matchers for testing asynchronous javascript

proof A UNIX way test non-framework for the meticulous programmer who is also very lazy.

qunit QUnit testing framework for nodejs

qunit-tap A TAP Output Producer Plugin for QUnit

require-mock Intercept require() and mock Node modules while unit testing.

retest Request driven library for testing HTTP servers

reut REimplemented Unit Test for node.js

runlol Automated CoffeeScript compiler, tester and runner

saucy run javascript tests on sauce labs

selenium Selenium in an npm package

selenium-server Selenium in an npm package

sentinaught mutation testing framework

simpleu Simple Unit Testing Tool

sink-test Headless / Browser JavaScript Unit Tester

smock SMock: Simple Mock for javascript

smoking Smoking: Simple Mocking and Stubbing for javascript

socketer utility to test node.js express applications

solid-sauce Solid CI test reporting client

specify bite sized node.js testing

spider-tdd Dead simple test-driven-development framework.

stik-labs.js A set of tools to easily test Stik modules

stories Given/When/Then integration awesomeness for Node.js

super-request Wrapper on top of request for testing HTTP servers

supertest Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers

supertest-chai Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers with Chai asserts

synonym-js BDD / TDD lightweight assertion framework for node

tad JavaScript test suite

tdd-assert A simple assert library for use with TDD frameworks

tellurium JavaScript Testing Framework using testing patterns like Mock, Stub, and Spy TDD framework

testing Simple asynchronous testing framework. Never again count your asserts! This tiny testing library is fully callback-based and has a rich API for asserts.

testingey a test runner for nodejs that supports parallel testing and testing of asynchronous functions

testresources Adds some conventions to superagent to make testing HTTP APIs quicker.

testutil testutil contains methods to aid in automatic testing of your application.

this this is a tiny library for writing OO JavaScript. this makes it easy to write JavaScript classes and use simple object orientated techniques.

this-cli A Command-line interface for creating clean JavaScript using the [this]( JavaScript library.

ticucumber TiCucumber: Cucumber for Appc Alloy.

tintan Titanium development with style. A suite of Jake build tasks which integrate with Sublime Text and Titanium Studio. Usable on all platforms.

underscore.url Coffeescript + Jasmine + Node.js Template for Packaged Javascript Libraries

unit.js Simple, intuitive and flexible unit testing framework for javascript / Node.js. Integrates Mocha (optional) and the great assertions libraries Must.js, Should.js, Assert of Node.js, Sinon.js and other friendly features.

unroll A helper tool to easily iterate through test data against a test method with verbose output about each iteration.

vcr VCR: Record ajax request to later playback

vows-fluent A fluent chaining API on top of vows

vows-is A vows topic utility

whiskey Whiskey is a powerful test runner for Node.js applications and a process orchestration framework which makes running integration tests with a lot of service / process dependencies easier.

wordpresto A testing framework for reliable, repeatable testing of wordpress plugins.

yeti Yeti automates browser testing.

zombie Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using Node.js

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