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am2315 Simple async AM2315 Temp and Humidity Sensor library for Raspberry Pi

cache-swap A simple temp file based swap for speeding up operations

gettemporaryfilepath Generate temporary file names in your OS' temporary dir

junk Filter out OS junk files like .DS_Store and Thumbs.db

little-popo will be retired when popo reaches v0.1

mkfiletree Make a tree of files and directories from data defined in an object

mktmpdir mktmpdir creates a temporary directory

nondest A tempfile creator for 'non-destructive' file operations in node.js

readfiletree Serialize a tree of files and directories into object form

scopedfs A convenient API to build and access file system subtrees (particularly in tests); provides a version of every ‘fs’ module function, scoped to the given root or, optionally, to a new temporary directory; also adds a bunch of convenience methods

scythe Recursive file cleaner

temp Temporary files and directories

temp-guard A list of temporary email domains

temp-write Write String/Buffer to a random temp file

temp-write-old Write String/Buffer to a random temp file

tempfile Get a random temp file path

temporary The lord of tmp.

tmp Temporary file and directory creator Portable $TMPDIR for your shell.

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