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ds18x20 A node.JS implementation for using the DS1820, DS18S20 and/or DS18B20 temperature sensor with Raspberry Pi.

lacrosse A streaming API for Lacrosse Alert sensors

pi-sht1x Raspberry Pi library for SHT1x humidity/temperature sensors.

piglow-system several visualisation utilities for your system

raspi-temp-logger Get the current temperature with a Raspberry Pi, log it to a csv-file

raspi-weather-webservice-api weather as a json service

raspi-weather-webservice-static static files as a service

sensor_bmp085 A node.js-module for the BMP085 pressure and temperatur sensor

sensor_tmp006 A node.js-module for the TMP006 temperature sensor

temp-units-conv Convert temperature units (Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit), lib + CLI. Based on snippets by doug65536 and jesus666 on #Node.js

temperature-stream Temperature values as a stream

thermopi nano-server for temperature readings on a raspberry pi

x2x Simple and performance unit converter.

yui-convert-temperature YUI module for temperature conversion

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