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generator-server-configs Scaffolds out webserver configuration for various platforms. Goes well with HTML5 Boilerplate.

generator-template A Yeoman generator for bootstraping projects from templates

generator-verb Kickstart documentation for any project! This is the official Yeoman generator for Verb, a zero-configuration markdown documentation generator that is extremely easy to use and extend.

genhtml-js pure Javascript HTML generation and templating

ginger Spicy templating for node and the browser inspired by Twig, Dust.JS and Hogan.JS

gitemplate Git cloning with template variables

global-template krrssna-global-template ======================= Sample read me

gm-angular-templates Gleeman module for collecting angular js templates to include in index html file

goatee-rules Goatee is the missing complement for handlebar mustaches.

goatee-script Goatee is the missing complement for handlebar mustaches.

groundcrew view handler/template abstraction layer for connect

grunt-angular-templates Grunt build task to concatenate & register your AngularJS templates in the $templateCache

grunt-angular-templates-amd Grunt build task to concatenate & register your AngularJS templates in the $templateCache wrapped for amd usage

grunt-asset-render renders templates based on your assets

grunt-atc grunt plugin for artTemplate atc

grunt-batman-template compiles any and all templates into ready to use includes

grunt-batman-templates Generates and stores BatmanJS templates in the Batman HTMLStore

grunt-buhges tool for build html pages of snippets and layers, supports mustache/handlebars templates

grunt-build-html Build HTML templates recursively.

grunt-buildfiles Build and set javascript, css, html, and less assets dynamically for other grunts tasks (jshint, concat, uglify) and to build index.html and other grunt template files

grunt-caveman Pre-compile Caveman templates.

grunt-consolidate Use consolidate.js to apply templating to your Grunt projects

grunt-domly Precompile DOMly templates

grunt-dot-compiler Grunt task for compiling doT templates

grunt-dum-tpl A plugin to run the DUM template parser for a web application's templates and package them to be used in the client.

grunt-dust-html Grunt task to render Dust templates to HTML

grunt-eco-iife Compiles embedded CoffeeScript templates into IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)

grunt-ect-templates Static site compiler built around ect

grunt-ejs-static Grunt EJS Static is a static site generator built with EJS and Grunt. Pages are defined in JSON by declaring the layout file and any additional data needed at render time. The layout file manages EJS Includes, which are partials organized in the componen

grunt-embrace Template adapter to render and compile Mustache, Handlebars, Dust and Swig templates

grunt-furnace grunt tasks for transforming code from one format to another

grunt-include-replace Grunt task to include files and replace variables. Allows for parameterised includes.

grunt-include-replace-cwd Grunt task to include files and replace variables. Allows for parameterised includes.

grunt-include-replace-more Grunt task to include files and replace variables. Allows for parameterised includes and conditional if blocks.

grunt-include-replace-s2 !!!this is ad hoc!!! Grunt task to include files, replace variables and remove if blocks. Allows for parameterised includes. bug fixed

grunt-init Generate project scaffolding from a template.

grunt-init-baconplugin > Create a [Bacon.js][] plugin module with [grunt-init][]

grunt-init-gruntnautilus A grunt-init template for grunt-nautilus projects.

grunt-init-gruntplugin2 Standard init:gruntplugin with better test functionality.

grunt-init-init Create a grunt template from any grunt template

grunt-init-pack grunt-init template to create a project that has Node package and optionally Bower, Component, Jam and/or UMD package. Includes jshint, mocha+chai tests, jsdoc (optionally).

grunt-init-phonegap A grunt-init template that simplifies the process of setting up a PhoneGap mobile application development environment. It sets up creation of the application and PhoneGap/Cordova plugins managment using PhoneGrunt, and sets up the development environment

grunt-init-project Grunt plugin to generate project files and structure

grunt-init-yui Create a YUI module with grunt-init.

grunt-install-init Install a grunt init template

grunt-json-htmltemplate Creates a json object out of html templates

grunt-licktung A fork from grunt-template-runner to made i18n simple

grunt-list-files grunt file list task: allows creation of templated files list

grunt-markdown-pdf Grunt plugin to convert Markdown documents to PDF

grunt-modest Grunt tasks for working with the modest templating engine

grunt-modulate Templating HTML module.

grunt-mox Grunt module for using mox( A markdown javascript documentation generator)

grunt-multi-lang-site-generator Runs templates and i18n at grunt's compile time.

grunt-mustache A grunt plugin to concatinate mustache template files

grunt-nautilus Build modular javascript applications that make sense

grunt-new Minimal generator. Adds files to existing projects with your choice of templates.

grunt-pathfinder Find files and process their paths in a template.

grunt-plugin-angular-template-inline A GruntJS plugin that inlines AngularJS templates into an HTML file

grunt-prompts Built-in prompts for a grunt style generator.

grunt-readme Grunt plugin for generating a README from templates, including an optional table of contents. No Gruntfile config is necessary, just choose a starter template and you'll be ready to go.

grunt-rus-swig Grunt plugin for swig template engine

grunt-smarty smarty template engine

grunt-soy-compile Compile Goggle Closure Templates ( SOY ) templates inclding the handling of XLIFF language files. ( Details for SOY: )

grunt-svgtemplater Include and combine SVG files into your HTML to reference them as SVG templates

grunt-swig Static site compiler built around swig

grunt-swigtemplates Grunt plugin for working with swig templates.

grunt-template Grunt plugin that interpolates template files with any data you provide and saves the result to another file.

grunt-template-client compiles any and all templates into ready to use includes

grunt-template-coffee Grunt-init scaffolding template for CoffeeScript applications

grunt-template-compile compile adsage template

grunt-template-file Replaces file with templated version defined by options. Useful for compile time definitions

grunt-template-helper Grunt template processor and wrapper.

grunt-template-html Precomplie templates to HTML.

grunt-template-jasmine-curljs Curljs template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-istanbul Code coverage template mix-in for grunt-contrib-jasmine, using istanbul

grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs Requirejs template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs-preloader Requirejs + modulesLoader template for grunt-contrib-jasmine + preload plugins

grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs-simple Requirejs template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-steal StealJS template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

grunt-template-jasmine-templates Allows for javascript template engines to be used within jasmine

grunt-template-runner Runs templates and i18n at grunt's compile time.

grunt-templater Universal template compiler task for Grunt.

grunt-templates DEPRECATED - use Assemble

grunt-templatize Super simple grunt task to convert an HTML file into a Javascript function

grunt-toggle Toggles blocks within an html file depending on supplied values.

grunt-underscore-singlefile Collects your underscore templates into a single file, in order to reduce the number of server requests

grunt-wobble-swig Static site compiler built around swig

grunt-writefile Writes static files using handlebars templates.

gtpl A highlevel template engine

gulp-angular-templates AngularJS template assembler for Gulp.js

gulp-compile-handlebars Compile Handlebars templates to file - gulp plugin

gulp-dot-precompiler Gulp plugins for precompilation of doT template engine.

gulp-dotify Gulp plugin for precompilation of doT templates.

gulp-dust Precompile Dust templates

gulp-eco Precompile ECO templates into JavaScript

gulp-ect Gulp plugin to compile ect.js template engine.

gulp-html2tpl Convert HTML files into a JS object containing pre-compiled underscore.js templates

gulp-jst Compile underscore templates to a JST file using gulp.

gulp-jst-concat Compile underscore/lodash view templates to a single JST file

gulp-layoutize Render contents of input files through a templating engine (powered by consolidate.js)

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