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gulp-liquid A gulp plugin to parse liquid template

gulp-markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF

gulp-mox Gulp plugin for using mox( A markdown javascript documentation generator)

gulp-nunjucks Precompile Nunjucks templates

gulp-nunjucks-render Render Nunjucks templates

gulp-output Gulp plugin which output filenames.

gulp-partial-to-script Move the content of a partial between <script type="text/template"></script>

gulp-phantom phantomjs plugin for gulp

gulp-project-template A gulp web app template

gulp-react Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

gulp-slim slim plugin for gulp

gulp-sonic Gulp task for compiling Sonic templates

gulp-swig-jst Compile Swig templates to a JST file using Gulp.

gulp-swig-precompile Swig precompiler for gulp

gulp-template Compile Lodash templates. Underscore too.

gulp-template-compile Gulp task to precompile lodash templates

gulp-tpl2js Compile template to js string, and wrap as amd/cmd module.

gulp-tpl2mod gulp plugin to transform plain text to javascript string

gulp-wrap A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

gulp-wrap-layout A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

hadouken just a blazing fast DOM based template engine experiment

haml Haml ported to server-side Javascript. This is a traditional server-side templating language.

haml-edge Haml ported to server-side Javascript. This is a traditional server-side templating language.

hamlet-js Watch a folder for haml file changes and generate html files

handlebars Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration

handlebars-commonjs Fork of `handlebars` to allow CommonJS. Will be obsolete once `handlebars` publishes > 1.0.12, because CommonJS support is in master.

handlebars-engine template engine with handlebars.js

handlebars-helper-regex Handlebars extension to support block RegExp helpers.

handlebars-helpers-pack A neat pack of helpers for Handlebars templates

handlebars-pages Compile templates with contents to html pages.

handlebars-watch A module that will execute a Handlebars precompilation command whenever a change is made in the watched directories

handlebind Handlebars.js templating with Knockout.js style bindings

hawkejs Extension of the EJS templating system

hehe MVC project template

hem-compiler-jade jade support for hem

heya-ctr Constructor: a toolkit to construct JavaScript code.

hjs Hogan.js NPM package for express 3.x

hogan-engine Hogan.js for Express 3.x. Auto loads used partials and caches templates.

hogan-express Mustache template engine for express 3.x. Support partials and layout

hogan-middleware Middleware component to use Hogan.js mustache templates as views in an Express server

hogan-template-compiler A module which pre-compiles shared templates and partials for use in a connect-based webapp

hogan-updated A mustache compiler, updated to v3, case-insensitive partial names

hogan.js A mustache compiler.

hogan.js-template A mustache compiler.

hogan.jsx Hogan templating engine for JSX.

hoganc Yet another Hogan.js server-side templates CLI precompiler.

hoganshare A CoffeeScript utility to share Hogan pre-compiled templates across server-side and client-side.

hogy Hogan.js templates for Express 3.x, supports file partials

hoodie-plugin-reactive Simple reactive mustache based templating for hoodie using ractive.js

hot node.js template engine

html-builder Don't write html, use a layout and and populate it with partials.

html-diff Diffs folders of .html files to make sure they are the same

html-include Process .html files as ejs templates from the document_root

html-tpl Javascript DSL for rendering HTML templates

htmlism Template engine for pogoscript

htmls HyperText Markup LiveScript!

hui_template A simple template parser.

huk A library for generating HTML code.

HuK A library generating HTML code

hulk-hogan Express + Hogan.js

hulk-hogan-fork Express + Hogan.js - FORK THAT FIXES COFFEE REFERENCE

hyperspace render streams of html on the client and the server

hyperstream stream html into html at a css selector

hyte HYbrid TEmplating for the browser and Node.

i18n lightweight translation module with dynamic json storage

i18n-yaml lightweight translation module with dynamic json storage (with yaml support)

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

inlay JavaScript source code templating system

inline-template Replace <%= inlineTemplate('tpl.html') %> in your js with a template.

j2 A fast Javascript template engine

jackal A JavaScript manager and build tool for NodeJS & ExpressJS

jade-brunch Adds Jade support to brunch.

jade-cache Jade cache is a recursive compiler (and middleware), compile all your jade to make it available in cache for fast rendering.

jade-mailer A Jade template driven email generator. It's "bring your own mailer", so provide any mailer instance that conforms to node-mailers interface for sendMail() method.

jade-pdf-redline Jade to PDF converter

jadeite Jade-like template library

jaden $ npm install -g jaden

jaderunner Executes Jade templates

jadic A simple build tool to compile a directory full of jade templates to html files

jamilih Provide round-trippable JSON/JavaScript serialization as with JsonML, but with all items at a given array level being the same type of item (unless marked with a deeper level of nesting) and with a slightly more template-friendly capacity to inline insert fragments or child nodes (e.g., as by function return).

jaml Jaml tries to emulate Ruby’s Haml library, making it easy to generate HTML in your JavaScript projects.

jate JATE Ain't a Template Engine

javelin Javascript API View Expression Language

jayb A scaffold generator for create files with templates

jazz A simple template engine built specifically for nodejs.

jazz-cli CLI for Jazz templating engine

jedi jedi -- a language for Web

jeff-core JSON-based HTML templating engine

jekyll-inuit-starter A bare-bones starter template of a Jekyll site using Inuit.css

jes javascript template engine

jhaml Joe's HTML Abstraction Markup Language, a DSL/template engine to reduce the tedium of copious, partially redundant HTML templates

jiko Jiko Template Engine

jinja A fast django-like templating engine for node.js and browsers.

jinja-js JavaScript templating engine based on Jinja2

jinja.js Twig/Jinja/JinJS Client-Side Templating + jQuery Plugin

jinsoku High performance Javascript template engine inspired by Jade's power and doT's speed.

jml Simple data-driven content generation

jqtpl A template engine for nodejs, browser and any other javascript environment

jsin JSIN - template engine. Server and client side. Includes, layouts. Async compiling. Pre-compiling for browser.

jsmart jSmart is a port of the Smarty Template Engine to Javascript.

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