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express-mail Easy email delivery from Express apps

express-render dead simple render setup

extract-components This is a proof-of-concept. some quick and dirty utils for extracting UI components from HTML using CSS selectors.

fact Templates as data

fawkes A tool to watch / compile HTML files into handlebars-compiled files.

find-path Given a search string and a list of file paths, find the closest path.

flates Simple functions to build html strings.

fold simple templating library for node and browsers that uses css selectors and plain html

fsplates a cli tool for rendering project boilerplate

fusion Merge Files into Javascript Namespace

geddy-coffee-templates coffee templates for geddy

geddy-typescript-templates Typescript templates for geddy

gee-cli gee launcher

generator-ariatemplates An Aria Templates generator for Yeoman

generator-bb-prototype-website Front end project boilerplate for Less based sites. Used at Building Blocks Ltd.

generator-ejs-static A generator for Yeoman

generator-lo A Yeoman generator for prototyping static sites with jekyll, grunt, bower and compass

generator-template A Yeoman generator for bootstraping projects from templates

gh-clone git clone a repo with only username/repo.

git-username Extract the username from a git remote origin URL.

grips grips templating engine

grunt-angular-templates Grunt build task to concatenate & register your AngularJS templates in the $templateCache

grunt-angular-templates-amd Grunt build task to concatenate & register your AngularJS templates in the $templateCache wrapped for amd usage

grunt-assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. Assemble makes it dead simple to build modular sites, blogs, gh-pages, components and documentation from reusable templates and data.

grunt-bake Bake external includes into files to create static pages with no server-side compilation time

grunt-batman-template compiles any and all templates into ready to use includes

grunt-batman-templates Generates and stores BatmanJS templates in the Batman HTMLStore

grunt-conkitty Compile Conkitty Templates

grunt-dot-compiler Grunt task for compiling doT templates

grunt-ejs-static Grunt EJS Static is a static site generator built with EJS and Grunt. Pages are defined in JSON by declaring the layout file and any additional data needed at render time. The layout file manages EJS Includes, which are partials organized in the componen

grunt-ember Compile Ember templates

grunt-ember-handlebars Precompile ember templates in grunt using only ember-template-compiler.js.

grunt-emblem Grunt task for the emblem.js templating language

grunt-hogan-client compiles hogan templates into ready to use includes

grunt-hoganjs Precompile and minify Hogan.js templates

grunt-inline-template-compile Compile inline JS templates in your build, instead of at runtime. Great for projects that want to avoid using the CSP header 'unsafe-eval'.

grunt-reverse Deconstruct HTML pages and turn them into layouts, includes, components and data files.

grunt-stencil A Grunt templating plugin to generate static HTML files from given pages, templates and partials written in either pure HTML, doT.js, or markdown.

grunt-template-client compiles any and all templates into ready to use includes

grunt-template-module Precompile templates to a file with option to expose templates as a node/commonjs module.

grunt-yet-another-angular-templates Yet Another Angular Templates grunt plugin.

gulp-angular-templates AngularJS template assembler for Gulp.js

gulp-batman-templates Turn HTML files into JS code to preload batman.js templates

gulp-dust Precompile Dust templates

gulp-eco Precompile ECO templates into JavaScript

gulp-expand-template-url Expand the template url of your angular templates

gulp-hogan-compile A gulp plugin to compile mustache HTML templates to JavaScript functions using hogan.

gulp-html2tpl Convert HTML files into a JS object containing pre-compiled underscore.js templates

gulp-jstemplater Compiles all templates into one js variable.

gulp-react Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

gulp-tmpl Lodash/Underscore templates plugin for gulp.

handlebarizer Solution for compiling handlebars templates into vanilla JS functions for client-side use. Inspired by templatizer

handlebars-helper-analytics Handlebars helper for adding Google Analytics scripts to the head and/or footer

handlebars-helper-resolve WIP, don't use yet! This helper consults the context and config values to automatically resolve the correct path to the specificed destination file.

handlebars-helpers-pack A neat pack of helpers for Handlebars templates

handlebars-precompile-directory Precompile a directory of handlebars templates

handlebars-xgettext Extract strings from Handlebars source

hapi-assets Hapi plugin to provide assets to your views based on the node environment

hapi-cache-buster Hapi plugin to a bust the cache of browser assets.

hapi-named-routes Hapi plugin to add named routes to your view templates

helper-lib Deprecated. Please use [handlebars-helpers]( instead.

helpers-utils Utility methods commonly used for writing helper libraries.

hexo-renderer-underscore Underscore templates renderer for Hexo

heya-ctr Constructor: a toolkit to construct JavaScript code.

hog Hogan templating for Express with partials, layouts, etc.

htmlizer HTML Templates

inline-templates Inline script templates for layout

interpol Templates Sans Facial Hair

is-git-url Regex to validate that a URL is a git url.

j2 A fast Javascript template engine

jade-angular-template-assets Jade Angular Templates for asset-rack

jadebars Compile Jade to precompiled Handlebars templates

jadeify A browserify transform for turning .jade files into template functions

jaderunner Executes Jade templates

jsmart jSmart is a port of the Smarty Template Engine to Javascript.

jst_compiler Client and server template engine at JavaScript

jt JSON templates

juicer a high-performance lightweight javascript template engine

jumpstart Creates projects from templates with placeholders.

knights-templar Precompile templates with browserify, or simply compile templates if in node environment

knights-templar-br inline ye compiled templates with browserify and the knights-templar module

knockstrap Knockout bindings to Twitter Bootstrap 3

koa-views Render views with almost any templating engine

ktbr inline ye compiled templates with browserify and the knights-templar module

ktc Precompiler for Kendo UI Core Templates

level-match-map Index your database objects in the way they will be rendered. Follows the JSON Context matcher pattern. Datasources generated from matchers, then watch for realtime changes.

lid.js A utility for dealing with ids in templates.

liquid-to-handlebars Node.js lib for converting liquid templates to handlebars templates. Whipped this up as a quick and dirty, preliminary step to extracting HTML components from Bootstrap's docs, in a way that makes them actually reusable.

live-template-installer Command line utility for automatically installing live templates to Intellij or Webstorm

live-templates Bind your templates directly to models, and get lives updates for free with no boilerplate.

locator-dust Dust template compiler for locator

locator-handlebars Handlebars template compiler for locator

locator-micro Micro template compiler for locator

locator-react React template compiler for locator

mails-flat flat email templates for mails

mailview preview html and txt emails

makara i18n support for dust.js templates

mandible html and txt email templates with handlebars

markedejs Renders markdown into HTML and applies EJS templating.

medium-templater smarter than your average tiny-templater

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