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msee Msee is a command-line tool to read Markdown file in your terminal, and it's a library help your command-line software to output readable markdown content.

multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-hj render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-stack render multiple progress bars (and stacks) at once on the terminal

nappy node.js api docs from the command line

nash Command-line masterpieces

nexpect Spawns and interacts with child processes using spawn / expect commands

node-cmd Simple commandline interface to allow you to run cli or bash style commands as if you were in the terminal.

node-mirror node.js + CodeMirror = Great IDE and Admin Tool

node-notify Node port of Eloy Durán's terminal-notifier []

node-quickly Quickly change directory on the console

node-reader Node.js command line RSS reader

node-status A live status bar generator for node.js

node-terminal control your terminal from node

node-terminal-notifier terminal-notifier is a command-line tool to send Mac OS X User Notifications, which are available in Mac OS X 10.8 and higher..

node-tweet-cli make tweets from your shell

nodemon Simple monitor script for use during development of a node.js app.

nubs-cli command line client for nubs

nyansole Nyancat in ur console!

optional-color-logger Optional color or plain logger initialization

optparse Command-line option parser

paint paint is paint in your terminal

parseopt Advanced command line option parser.

pass-gen An easy-to-use command-line password generator

picture-tube render 256 color images on the terminal

pixeler Drawing in your terminal, such as draw line, circle, polygon.make your terminal like canvas.

pm2-multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal with eventlimit maxed

polpetta Creates a web server in any folder and with runtime node.js modules capability plus get, post data and more

presentate A command-line and telnet presentation tool.

pretty-print Print formatted data to the the command line

pretty-tree Make colorful trees out of JSON objects using archy

progbar terminal progress bar

pty.js Pseudo terminals for node.

pty.js-11 Pseudo terminals for node. Updated for node v0.11.x

pty.js-dl Pseudo terminals for node.

questions Interactive shell for your cli app

quokka An Interactive File Renamer

readline2 Readline Façade fixing bugs and issues found in releases 0.8 and 0.10

rec A tool for recording CLI programs and posting their output.

recolor terminal color formatter, supported nesting styles.

restartr Restart your process when a file changes.

secure-servedir Creates a simple web server for a directory

servedir Creates a simple web server for a directory

servereport A node module that can report status on terminal

shotgun Shotgun is a UI agnostic command shell. It allows you to quickly and easily write commands and plug them into the shell framework. Unlike most other options modules or command line tools, shotgun does not make any assumptions about the UI. Shotgun could b

shotgun-client A companion module that makes it easy to create [shotgun]( web applications.

shux streaming shell multiplexer

single-line-log Keep writing to the same line in the terminal. Very useful when you write progress bars, or a status message during longer operations

skerla-progress Simple terminal progress bar

snake-game play snake in your terminal

snowscape snowscape for terminal

spawn-terminal Spawn a terminal in a given directory

stdio Module for standard input/output management with NodeJS

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

styled_string Print styled text with a StyledString object that has an interface similar to String.

subshell Boot an interactive subshell from node. Useful for custom command-line environments.

surrender draw lines and shapes on the terminal

surrender-cube surrender to the cube!

swizzle-parser Parser component of swizzle-term

tablify Quick and painless printing of tabular data

tabulate fit tabular data to the width of your terminal

tag window/tab titles for

teclazo Sends keystrokes to current terminal's tty

term Unleash the force of your terminal

term-animate animation toolkit in your terminal

term-canvas Terminal canvas api written with node.js

term-dashboard A terminal dashboard for monitoring concurrent jobs

term-hackernews Command line reader for Hacker News

term-list interactive terminal lists

term-list-bar interactive terminal lists with status bar

term-list-enhanced a enhancement for term-list

term.js A terminal written in javascript

termcoin A bitcoin wallet for your terminal.

terminal A collection of different terminal utility functions.

terminal-chat A simple chat client/server run in the terminal and powered by

terminal-colors Terminal colors made easy

terminal-diff A tool for keeping track of what is on your terminal screen

terminal-menu retro ansi terminal menus for serious 80s technicolor business

terminal-notifier-plus Send OSX Terminal Notifications

terminal-ui A method of printing to the terminal

terminal.big5.js terminal emulation library for javascript with big5 support. fork from

terminal.js terminal emulation library for javascript.

termite Display messages on the screen, and update the state asynchronously.

termlog.js Wraps browser console to display log messages in web terminal

termly basic wrapping around term

termspeak Utilities that enable your Node program to speak to your terminal including coloring, formatting.

tetris play tetris in your terminal

tortu AJLogo command line interpreter

tty.js A terminal for your browser

ttycolor Terminal colors that respect whether a stream is a tty

ttyrec Native javascript Ttyrec file encoder/decoder using streams

undirender render undirected graphs in the terminal

verbalize A lightweight command line logging utility, with verbose mode and colors by chalk.

vt terminal emulation library for javascript.

watchmon Simple file monitor script for restarting your development node.js server

wcwidth.js A JavaScript porting of C's wcwidth() and wcswidth()

weathernaut CLI tool for querying the Weather Underground API

web-terminal Web-Terminal is a terminal server that provides remote CLI via standard web browser and HTTP protocol.

window-size Reliable way to to get the height and width of the terminal/console in a node.js environment.

x256 find the nearest xterm 256 color index for an rgb

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