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anvil.testem Testem runner integration for anvil.js

component-testem Configured test runner for component(1) on top of testem

grunt-contrib-testem Testem programmatic runner enhanced with Mincer preprocessing

grunt-requirejs-testem Be able to use 'testem' ( with 'RequireJS' ( in your project using this plugin for 'grunt' (

grunt-testem A grunt plugin for testem.

mimosa-testem-require A module for integrating test execution via testem and mocha into your Mimosa app

mimosa-testem-simple A simple testem integration Mimosa module

testem-multi Run multiple testems, output to a single tap file

where.js data-driven test method for JavaScript test libraries

yeoman-footguard Template generator for Yeoman. Include Backbone, RequireJS, CoffeeScript, Compass and Mocha by Testem

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