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mary Dr. Mary - JavaScript (CoffeeScript) BDD in Object-Oriented way.

masm-cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

matryoshka Matryoshka is a package for Cordova/PhoneGap 3.0 and above that lets you do live, on-device updating of the app's code.

meteor-storm WebDriver E2E test wrapper for Meteor.

meteor-test-runner A test runner for Meteor

mi6 Where great spies are made

micro-test An asynchronous unit testing framework in under 40 lines of code.

middleware-recorder Records express.js middleware/handlers for asserting results

mimosa-jasmine-node Mimosa module for kicking of your node test suite - whenever you make changes to your code!

mimosa-karma Mimosa module for kicking of your test suite against real browsers - whenever you make changes to your code!

mimosa-karma-enterprise Mimosa module for kicking of your test suite against real browsers - whenever you make changes to your code!

mimosa-testem-qunit A module for integrating test execution via testem and qunit into your Mimosa app

mimosa-testem-require A module for integrating test execution via testem and mocha into your Mimosa app

mimosa-testem-simple A simple testem integration Mimosa module

mini-unit xUnit style test cases, suites, and runner for Node's assert module.

minijasminenode Super simple wrapper around Jasmine for Node

minispy Simple test spy, framework-agnostic

mjsunit.runner Command line mjsunit runner which provides an easy way to hook into mjsunit and start running tests immediately..

mocha-as-generated Adds generator support to the Mocha test runner.

mocha-as-promised Adds “thenable” promise support to the Mocha test runner.

mocha-cakes bdd stories add-on for mocha test framework with cucumber given/then/when syntax.

mocha-casperjs Write CasperJS tests using Mocha

mocha-cloud Mocha tests in the cloud with Saucelabs

mocha-define Test definitions for Mocha.js

mocha-sauce Tools for running mocha tests on saucelabs

mock-couch An http server pretending to be couchdb, for unit testing.

mock-request A simple testing tool for mocking HTTP sequences of request / response pairs in node.js

mock-udp **Node v0.8 compatible**

mockery Simplifying the use of mocks with Node.js

mockets Mock sockets for nodejs

mockfs Mocking FS module implementation for testing purpouses

mockman MockMan is a simple library to help create test mocks and stubs.

mocks Set of mock modules for easy testing (fs, http)

mocksy Mock http server for testing. Regurgitates the request object.

mocktwit Mock testing for projects using twit without calling the Twitter API

mockuire require a module with mocked dependencies

modis A modular distributed test framework.

molasses Slow down your remote http calls to test failure scenarios.

mongo-loader Loads data from json files into a database and can remove as well, useful for testing and seeding a database"

mongoose-fakery Fixtures replacement and random data generator for mongoose.

monky Mongoose fixtures library inspired by factory_girl

must Testing and assertion library with friendly BDD syntax — Many expressive matchers and is test runner and framework agnostic. Follows RFC 2119 with its use of MUST. Good and well tested stuff.

must-dist Testing and assertion library with friendly BDD syntax — Many expressive matchers and is test runner and framework agnostic. Follows RFC 2119 with its use of MUST. Good and well tested stuff.

mxunit-watch Watches a directory for file changes and runs tests whenever they occur

next-update Tests if module's dependencies can be updated to latest version

ngrok-my-server Helper library for publishing http servers or express apps over ngrok

nixt Simple and powerful testing for command-line apps

node-ab A command tool to test the performance of HTTP services.

node-facebook-test-users Node module to create and delete Facebook test users

node-fixtures Fixtures framework inspired by jquery fixtures and fixtures module by ppcano

node-interceptor HTTP & HTTPS request interceptor that allows to define which fixture (JSON object) to return, inspired by jQuery.fixture, thegreatape/fakeweb and ppcano/fixtures.

node-is simplified descriptive type testing library

node-mockey Interact with mock services from node

node-mocks-http Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions

node-spec Extremely minimal specing for node.js.

nodefixtures Tests with fixtures as JSON data

nodeload Load testing library for node.js

nodeload-nmickuli Load testing library for node.js. Updated for node 0.6.x by nmickuli.

nodemailer-strategies Use multiple email providers, or fall back to disk backups, when using nodemailer. NS avoids providers with high latency intelligently and can also redirect all email to console or disk when testing and debugging.

nodemock Simple Yet Powerful Mocking Framework for NodeJs

nodeunit-b easily test browser javascript with nodeunit

nodeunit-dataprovider Helper function for nodeunit to generate sets of tests using arrays of test data.

nodeunit-jsdom jsdom wrapper for testing front-end js with nodeunit

nodeunit-watcher nodeunit wrapper for continuous testing.

nof5 A tool which runs unit tests if a file has changed on the server in a browser

npm-registry-mock mock the npm registry

npmlog-stub npmlog stub functions

nsure nsure is a nodejs class that allows deep testing/sanitation, modification chains and model generation of objects. demo requires xs to a currently private repo. sorry about that.

ntype defining interfaces for class structure and auto-type checking in javascript for Node.js

oink A simple test runner built on webkit-server.


oneshot Tiny little server for making one request and shutting down. Useful for testing.

patsy A CLI based build system for frontend developers

pDebug Programmable pure Javascript bindings for the V8 Debugger

peanut node.js cucumber implementation for the birds

peerpair Simple WebRTC RTCPeerConnection pair useful for testing WebRTC modules

phantom-jasmine Phantom test runner for Jasmine

phantom-proxy a lightweight proxy that lets you to drive phantomjs from node.

phantomcss A CasperJS module for automating visual regression testing of Web apps, live style guides and responsive layouts.

phantomflow UI testing with PhantomCSS and Decision Trees

phantomjs-please Bridge from Node to Phantom

phantomjs-test-provisions Testing for PhantomJS scripts.

phantomjs-test-starter Starter Template for testing PhantomJS ‘Applications’ with Jasmine, Grunt, and Istanbul

phantomxhr Ajax mocking. A SinonJS XHR wrapper for CasperJS.

phonetap PhoneTap: a tapped version of PhoneGap, to do tests without running a simulator

phony A fake data generator.

phpguard File watcher and test runner for PHP.

phpunit-auto Run automatically phpunit by watching update of phpfiles

phpunit-testrunner Test Runner for PHPUnit.

pickles Pickles: a starting point for writing acceptance tests using Cucumber.js.

ping-node Simple website ping monitoring

pitestglobals This module is defines some global properties onto an Object which are useful in debugging and testing.

pivot Simple feature, multi-variant and A/B testing

pluto Dependency injection that's so small, it almost doesn't count.

postgression A node client for the postgression API.

power-assert Power Assert in JavaScript

power-assert-formatter Power Assert output formatter

pretendr Powerful JavaScript mocking

profy Stress test your app and measure performance

promise-matchers Custom jasmine matchers for testing asynchronous javascript

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